2020: A Look Back

Many of you tagged Malagos Homegrown Produce, a Davao online grocery and delivery, your very own Davao trusted online store. This is because for the last few months, we made sure that we have nothing but a service you no less than deserve. To know more about us and what we offer, we have rounded up five best selling items of Malagos Homegrown Produce for 2020 that you definitely should start your 2021 with:

  • Pizza Meal Kit

The Pizza Meal Kit comes in two variants: the Four Cheese Pizza and the Meat Lovers Pizza. For the cheese pizza, we have a nine inch pizza dough, 100g malagos cheese mix, and a set of fresh herbs. For the meat lovers pizza, we  offer a nine inch pizza dough, pomodoro sauce, 100g of malagos cheese mix, salami and pepperoni, and a pack of fresh herbs. Whether it is for a quiet Sunday dinner or an intimate get together with friends, this DIY Pizza Meal Kit from Malagos Garden Resort will surely make you an instant chef! 

  • Farmer’s Salad Kit 

The Farmers’s Kit is the best seller for everyone who wants to make eating healthy a little bit fun and a whole lot more delicious. With farm fresh produce and our signature chocolate vinaigrette, it is sure to make a lasting impression to anyone who indulge in it. 

  • Pork and Shrimp Siomai

This is by far, the top best seller of the Malagos Homegrown Produce. Most of our clients claim that it is the best snack one can have after a long, tiring day. Whether you like it steamed or fried, our siomai tastes good either way! It is sold 20pcs per pack and each bite, we were told, will keep you wanting more.

  • Premium Holiday Bundle. 

With this you can now enjoy 2kg Lechon Belly, one Meat Lovers Pizza Kit, one Pomodoro Pasta Kit, 10 pcs vegetable Lumpia, 500g Chicken Inasal, one Crispy Sisig Frozen Meal, one pack Choco Crinkle Delight, 1kg assorted fruits in season, 500g Pork Barbecue, and one Beef Caldereta frozen meal. To make this noche buena easier and more convenient, Malagos Homegrown Produce has it all thought out for you. From our signature Lechon Belly all the way to the scrumptious Beef Caldereta with Malagos Cheese, this will no doubt be one of the tastiest holidays for the family! With meals you can easily heat, you now have more time to enjoy the holidays. Cozy up on the sofa and watch your favorite holiday movie of all time while enjoying a cup of Malagos chocolate milk. Talk the night away with your kids and know more about their plans for next year-- you’ll be amazed by how time really flies. Before you know it, every kid at home now has dreams to pursue and a goal to achieve. 

  • DIY Donut and Pancake Kit. 

Everything you need for a great snack is packed in one glorious box. Make your kids look forward to afternoon snacks with this Malagos offer-- light, soft, and melts-in-your mouth-- this is every kid’s dream snack no doubt. 

Most of the best sellers of Malagos Homegrown Produce are the pre-packed bundles and the DIY meal kits. This goes to show that in the midst of the chaos, we long for the taste of convenience – that is practical and will most likely lessen food spoilage. Malagos Homegrown Produce, as a local grocery and delivery in Davao City will always make sure to give you this and so much more. With health and convenience all in one package, what are you waiting for? Grab these best sellers and see what all this buzz is all about!

For this year, we also made sure to have wonderful promos for you to enjoy! Here’s a roundabout of our top 5 promos that are a crowd’s favorite no doubt: 

Sundays Savings. Start your week right with Malagos Homegrown Produce's Sunday Savings and enjoy up to 35% off on our delivery rates every Sunday. With this promo, you can grab the freshest homegrown produce, premium fish and meat selections, hearty meal kits, and our signature Malagos Cheese and Chocolate in a lesser delivery fee. Ever since we have launched this promo, more and more people keep on coming back. So make sure you have your list while you shop online with us. 

7.7 Crazy Sale. During this Malagos Homegrown Produce sale, you were able to enjoy a 7% discount in our items and a discounted delivery service fee too. In this time, we have discovered five interesting trends in most of your purchases: staying home is essential for most of us, healthier options are the go-to choice, safer transaction is a must, indulging passions is a must try, and exploring something new as bonding moments for the family is our new kind of normal. Through it all, we are grateful because you’ve opened your doors to us. 

8-8 Anniversary Sale. The Malagos Homegrown Produce has capped off our 8.8 Anniversary sale in which we offered an 8% discount to our products and a discounted delivery fee. With this offer, there were many of you who took this opportunity and ordered DIY meal kits and fresh, homegrown produce in bulk. There are still those who are leaning on the importance of staying at home and we couldn't agree more. This is the time to be extra vigilant and careful. So stay home and do your groceries with us. We have more discounts in store for you!

10-10 Malagos Sale. In the Malagos Homegrown Produce 10-10 Promo, you were able to  treat yourself to a healthy weekend through enjoying 10% off on seasonal and regular produce, fish and meat, signature products, hearty meals, and even our plants. On top of this, there was also a Php. 100.00 off on delivery charges. You were able to buy items in more quantity. Our homegrown discounts and offers are the best opportunities for you to buy more quantities of stuff you prefer. For a discounted price, you get to stock up on your favorite homegrown meals, farm fresh produce, and Malagos herbs and plants. With this, planning meals ahead has never been easier. 

11-11 Homegrown Sale. Since we offered our services to the public, each of you have always been supportive of us. From the start when we only offered fresh produce up to the present wherein we now also offer meal kits, it has been quite a ride for us with you. The 11-11 sale is a way for us to thank you for the unwavering support you give us. On this day, we were able to offer 11% off on our pastries and 5% off on our fresh picks of the day, signature Malagos cheese and chocolates, meat and fish products, hearty meals collection, and our well loved plants. With all these, you were able to whip up your own gourmet menu made from farm fresh, homegrown produce. Who wouldn’t love that, right? 

Despite the complex web of our wants, preferences, and choices, we still go back to the root of it all: ensuring safety. In a global pandemic that has already claimed thousands of lives, we want nothing but a comforting safe space in which we can freely do what we want to. Malagos Homegrown Produce Online Store is an online grocery and delivery that assures nothing but fresh and healthy homegrown products for you. We have even more exciting promos for next year so make sure to sign up on our newsletter at www.malagoshomegrownproduce and be the first to know all about. Happy homegrown holidays, everyone!