5 Best Sellers of the Malagos Homegrown Produce last June

DIY Malagos Meal KitCoronavirus has shaken most of the world’s core. From economic, health, tourism, the damages done are beyond recognition. But through it all, we rise and go on. This is what happened with the Malagos Garden Resort-- in order to push through this pandemic, we had to shift gears. With our goal of supporting local farmers and sharing our love for nature and its form and bounty to the public, the Malagos Homegrown Produce budded. Malagos Homegrown Produce is known for our homegrown, freshly picked produce readily available whenever you need it. 

For months, we focused on delivering nothing but the service you no less than deserved. To know more about us and what we offer, we have rounded up five best selling items of Malagos Homegrown Produce for the month of June:

  • Pizza Meal Kit

The Pizza Meal Kit comes in two variants: the Four Cheese Pizza and the Meat Lovers Pizza. For the cheese pizza, we have a nine-inch pizza dough, 100g malagos cheese mix, and a set of fresh herbs. For the meat lovers pizza, we offer a nine-inch pizza dough, pomodoro sauce, 100g of malagos cheese mix, salami and pepperoni, and a pack of fresh herbs. Whether it is for a quiet Sunday dinner or an intimate get together with friends, this DIY Pizza Meal Kit from Malagos Garden Resort will surely make you an instant chef! 

  • Farmer’s Salad Kit 

The Farmers’ Kit is the best seller for everyone who wants to make eating healthy a little bit fun and a whole lot more delicious. With farm-fresh produce and our signature chocolate vinaigrette, it is sure to make a lasting impression to anyone who indulges in it. 


  • Pork and Shrimp Siomai

This is by far, the top best seller of the Malagos Homegrown Produce. Most of our clients claim that it is the best snack one can have after a long, tiring day. Whether you like it steamed or fried, our siomai tastes good either way! It is sold 20pcs per pack and each bite, we were told, will keep you wanting more.

  • Chopsuey  Vegetables plus Fish and Meat Bundle

For an instant complete package of a healthy and fresh bundle of joy, the Chopsuey Bundle has a Handwoven Bayong, 500 grams Onion, 500 grams Garlic, 500 grams Ginger, 650 grams Broccoli, 2 pieces Cauliflower, 500 grams French Beans, 1 piece Chinese Pechay, 1-kilogram Cabbage, 1-kilogram Carrots, 1 pack Vegetable Lumpia, 1 pack Marinated Chicken, 1 pack Daing na Bangus and 1 pack of Beef Patties in store for you! With these, you can innovate your way to a feast your family will surely love. 

  • Pinakbet Vegetables plus Fish and Meat Bundle

This bundle contains farm-fresh homegrown ingredients for our favorite Filipino comfort food, Pinakbet. Get that extra needed kick of flavors by using fresh ingredients for your dish. The bundle contains a Handwoven Bayong, 500 grams Onion, 500 grams Garlic, 500 grams Ginger, 500 grams Tomato, 1-kilogram Squash, 500 grams String Beans, 500 grams Eggplant, 500 grams Okra, 2 pieces Ampalaya, 1-liter Coconut Oil, 1 pack Vegetable Lumpia, 1 pack Marinated Chicken, 1 pack Daing na Bangus, and 1 pack of Beef Patties. With this bundle readily available to your pantry, we were told that cooking has never been more convenient. 

Most of the best sellers of Malagos Homegrown Produce are the pre-packed bundles and the DIY meal kits. This goes to show that in the midst of the chaos, we long for the taste of convenience – that is practical and will most likely lessen food spoilage. Malagos Homegrown Produce, as a local grocery and delivery in Davao Citywill always make sure to give you this and so much more. With health and convenience all in one package, what are you waiting for? Grab these best sellers and see what all this buzz is all about!