5 Client Feedbacks on Our Service for You

DIY Brownie Baking Kit

We are thankful for the overwhelming support we have been getting  from everyone. From day 1 until today, you were with us every step of the way. The past few months have not been easy. The onset of the pandemic made everything more challenging too. Especially these days that the Philippines is gaining more positive cases by the day. We have just recently reached 100,000 positive cases and are still recording thousands of new cases everyday. With our health on the line, we should be extra cautious. 

This is where the stay home, stay homegrown campaign of Malagos started. More than our need to give you a service you no less than deserve, your safety has always been our top priority. This is the reason why we are expanding our services by the day. We have started with offering fresh homegrown produce alone. We then proceeded to the hearty meals, meal kits, and now to a whole new product category: the Baker’s Basket. Wherein we made baking easier and more fun for everyone. Through all these efforts are your words powering us through  hard days. With this, we are sharing with you five client feedbacks on the kind of service we have for you: 

@innashanna says: First time to try chocolate cheesecake! 😂 Malagos Chocolate Cheesecake with Chocolate Macaron toppings 😋♥️

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We delight in being a part of milestones in your life! Whether it is your first time to bake, cook, or try a chocolate cheesecake, we find delight in knowing we have been a part of a special day for you. What better way to indulge in these kinds of desserts than with a proudly local chocolate right? 

Ms. @Bash Simplicio says: They have the BEST avocado ever! I was craving for some avocado and I was so happy that they have it. I also ordered bread and tomatoes which was perfect for an avocado toast! Great selection. Fresh food.

Our local farmers make sure to serve the freshest produce for all of us. Each product is carefully harvested for your comfort. This is the reason why there is a “Today’s Harvest” selection in our category. We do our best to give you quality farm fresh fruits and vegetables. So whether you want to create a simple, light toast or prepare a hearty meal, the Malagos Homegrown Produce got you covered. 

@baked.by.beab says: what does MCWB stand for? 🤔 secret’s out 👀- the Malagos Chocolate Walnut Brownies ✨made with Davao’s homegrown couverture 65% dark chocolate- thanks to @malagoschocolate, for making these brownies intensely chocolateyy 😋 plus it has walnuts too !! 😩 ( talk about #bestofbothworlds )


📣 another best part?

check out our introductory price:

half dozen - ₱150.00

a dozen - ₱280.00


we’re now open for tuesday & wednesday orders. dm us ! 💌

As a small business, it humbles us to see more and more small scale entrepreneurs having us as a part of each delicacy they have to offer. It gives us comfort to know that in this time, we have each other and the rest of you to support us along the way. 

@brandingmastersph says: Through the products that they’re able to deliver right at my doorstep, I can now have the Malagos Garden Resort experience in the comforts of my own home.  They have several gardening tools and plants for sale that are great for people who want to start gardening. I, myself, also took some interest in gardening since it’s a great way to spend some time with nature without having to leave my house. Aside from that, Malagos also offers affordable meal kits. These kits are pre-portioned and ready-to-cook to make meal preparations easier. Their meals also came from the Malagos Garden Resort menu which makes them a lot better!

As one of Davao City’s trusted online grocery stores in Davao, the Malagos Homegrown Produce makes sure that we have everything and anything you need at home. From Davao DIY meal kits that make cooking easier and more convenient, potted herbs and plants, all the way to baking kits, we continue to grow by the day for you. 

@mabini_artisan says: 

Special Crinkles with Cacao Nibs

Single Origin Davao

Malagos Chocolate

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Along with the many variants we offer, we also have Cacao Nibs to give those desserts an extra kick of texture and flavor. Best paired with the Malagos Baking Kits, be that pastry chef you’ve always wanted to be. 

Many have been tagging us as the best online store and delivery in Davao City. Through it all, we remain faithful in what we offer: a service you no less than deserve to keep you safe in the midst of all this chaos. For today, do keep safe. Stay home and shop everything you need online. Shop away!