5 Client Reviews that Kept Malagos Going

Malagos Homegrown Produce

The Malagos Homegrown Produce has been operating for months now. We have seen diversity in taste, experience, and culture through the orders you have placed on us. Serving you warms our hearts but hearing great feedback from you warms our souls. This kept us going. For today, we are sharing  five recent client reviews that made this uncertain time bearable for us:

Nica Co has been a long supporter of Malagos Farm. When we personally reached out to thank her for this feedback, she shared that “there was a time I ordered at 11:55am, fully knowing that my order will not make it on time for same day delivery. 1:30pm, my orders were delivered. For someone like me who has a history of asthma and pneumonia, lives alone and is not from Davao, going out is not an option at the moment. So, you guys really helped me a lot. Been in Davao for 5 years now for work... and Malagos has been a stable product may it be for pasalubong, my  ulam for the day ( adobo with dark chocolate is awesome by the way) or gifts to friends and family outside PH.” This has inspired us to continue the familial service we offer. More than fresh homegrown produce and products, we also care for you. 

  • They are super nice. They really try to deliver within the day. Thank you Malagos Homegrown Produce. ❤️

Great selection · Knowledgeable staff

Monique, when we reached out to her, told us: “I would always give Malagos Homegrown Produce a 5/5. Not only do you guys deliver fresh vegetables to my doorstep, your staff members are very nice and accommodating. From your support to your delivery team. I have never had any issues with my order, because you guys are on top of everything. You reach out to me before I can even worry and that's an A++ for me right there... Thank you very much, Malagos Homegrown Produce!” With nothing but your convenience in our mind, it gives us pleasure knowing that we have not fallen short in our goal of serving you well.  Whether it is fresh milk to start your day with, homegrown herbs and spices to elevate your dish, or luscious and sinfully good chocolates to delight in after a long draining day, the Malagos Homegrown Produce will always make sure we have it for you.  

  • I have availed of their products twice already and I can say they did not disappoint 💖 On the second time I availed, I got to place my orders thru their website and I think it was a good experience for me coz everything was well organized (type of produce, availability of food, etc). Their same-day delivery also amazed me. I placed my order at 10AM and was amazed they got to deliver on the same day! I hope their products and fast service can be experienced by everyone.

This is how one of our valued clients subtly helped us announce to the public that we have a little bit of anything and everything here at the Malagos Homegrown Produce. All coupled with a fast and convenient  delivery! For your sweet tooth, vegetable craze, and even all the way to meat cravings, we have it all packed with a burst of unique, homey flavors guaranteed to make your day a little bit better. 

  • PSA: The Malagos Homegrown Produce’s Siomai is so good. I can’t not place orders in a week. 😅 (Get their sublime Capriccio & Pecorino cheeses while you’re at it)👌🏼😌

Siomai is one of our best sellers along with the wide variety of cheese and chocolates we offer! In fact, when we asked Ms. Kreng Samson to feature her comment in this blog, she quickly replied with “thanks for reminding me I need to stock up on siomai again, haha.”  This means a lot to us because while our online efforts are at its maximum, nothing beats a word by mouth recommendation by someone who we have already served. 

On special occasions, we make sure we have plenty of surprises in store for you and the people you love! For mother’s day, we offered a Mother’s Delight bundle complete with flowers, homegrown treats, farm-fresh greens and meat because we know that mother’s deserve nothing but the best. This is what Ms. Anna Belle Adoracion  had in store for her on this special day. What’s even better is that in her post, Ms. Anna debunked what most of the public thinks about the Malagos Homegrown Produce: that only rich people can afford what we offer. She said: “Barato (cheap) baya mam fresh pa gyud.. ❤️”  We want nothing but a healthy and delicious treat for you and your family. Rest assured that everything we offer are value-for-money local, homegrown, and artisan products. 

The only way we’ll get through this pandemic is through doing it together. With various online platforms ready to serve and cater your needs, one way of how to stop Covid-19 is to stay home and do your shopping online. The Malagos Homegrown Produce is a proudly Davao online grocery and delivery that can deliver anything you need and crave right to your doorstep. Let us fight coronavirus by staying home, staying homegrown, and most importantly, supporting local! Shop to your heart’s content and we’ll give you a service no less than you deserve.