5 Plants You Can Use as Christmas Decor

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There is something so whimsically beautiful about decorating your home for the holiday. The feeling of festiveness mixed with the excitement of gift giving just immediately sets in once the twinkling lights start to turn on and christmas songs start to play on loop. With the holidays fast approaching and the plant craze still here, why not make the most out of these two wonderful things? The Malagos Homegrown Produce, a Davao online grocery and delivery, also has an online plant delivery that you will sure love. With various Davao plants for sale, it will be a feast in the eyes. To make your Christmas even merrier,  why not have your very own Christmas tree out of the plants you love? Here are some ideas on how to go about that: 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. Chances are good that if you appreciate the aesthetic of a stylish Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, then you also enjoy other home decor trends. During Christmas, you can combine them. One style you can give on your Fiddle Leaf Fig is a big bow. Beautiful red bows are a timeless Christmas icon. The quickest, most striking way to include your fiddle leaf fig plant in your home’s holiday look is to adorn it with a Christmas bow. This will make your tree have a touch if touchable, authentic look for the holiday. Another instant way to decorate a fiddle leaf fig tree this season is to bring out the holiday lights. You certainly wouldn’t want to miss this. 

Golden Pothos. What’s absolutely endearing about the golden pothos is that you can shape its vines to anything you want. So making it into one big Christmas tree is something that you can easily do, guaranteed you give it enough time and attention. Have some lights on it and decorate it with your favorite holiday ornamentals and you are good to go. Love dainty designs? Place your golden pothos in a festive macrame and it will be a sight to remember. 

Moonlight. This plant already has a certain festive charm in it. Put up some small, red ribbons on it and you are good to go. Make sure to put it near the window because it glows beautifully in the moonlight. This is exactly the reason why many are a huge fan of this. 

Bismarckia. When grown into a full tree can be a great focal point in any garden. Christmas lights with different colors from green, red, blue, and white will surely be a great fit for this beautiful tree. Some wind these lights around the palm’s trunk or simply decor to follow its leaves, either way it will be one great addition to your holiday decor. 

Eugenia. This is a glossy leaved shrub that will look great with those dainty fairy lights. A great indoor or outdoor plant, Eugenia will be a great accessory to already elegant decorations at home. 

For beautiful plants all the way from the gardens of Malagos, make sure to check out Malagos Homegrown Produce for offers you surely don’t want to miss. We are brewing exciting offers for the holidays so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter at malagoshomegrownproduce.com and be the first to know all about it. Happy holidays!