7-7 Sale Craze and its Roots

Admit it- you love things more when they are on sale. Especially now that every day, more and more people are consciously choosing a healthy lifestyle-- and we all know what that means: a long list of fresh ingredients we have to keep up with. The Malagos Homegrown Produce has just recently capped off our 7-7 sale. It was a whole day sale with 7% off every product and a discounted delivery fee. With the help of a lot of people, especially you, it has been a success. With it, here are some of the key things we learned from most of you that day: 

Staying home is a choice most of us are leaning to. More than our love for bayanihan -- lifting each other up, it has also come to our attention that most of us Dabawenyos are disciplined. We value each rule and regulation that has been passed in our City and despite the loosening of all these, we still stand on guard and acknowledge that the virus is still around and is still making a home out of hundreds of people around the globe. Staying safe at home is one way to combat this adversity. 

Healthier options are the go-to choice of each and every one. Of all the products we have offered, the first off our lists are the fresh homegrown produce and gulay bundles. As much as cleaning and disinfecting our homes is important to keep us safe, it must be noted that safety starts within. Thus, having a clean and guilt-free lifestyle is what most of us grab one today. 

Safer transaction is a must-have. The virus can be anywhere and everywhere. This is why it is better to choose contactless transactions when doing something online. Most of the notes you gave us specifically involves this and we are more than happy to oblige. With your safety, health, and convenience in mind, we would not have it any other way. 

Indulging passions in the midst of a pandemic is a must-try. The most sought after products in the Malagos Homegrown Produce are the potted Herbs and plants! With gardening being the latest craze, in all of its shape and form, this goes to show that we do not want any light to be distinguished these days. Despite staying at home, we always find a way to be productive and hone new skills each day. Of course, what better skills to develop than one that is both nurturing and healing, right?

Trying out new and exciting bonding moments. The Malagos Homegrown Produce has just recently introduced to you our meal kits. It is a pre-portioned complete ingredient to make cooking hassle-free and fast without compromising the quality of food you serve for the family. It is also, we were told, a great bonding time with the kids. With all ingredients laid out for you, cooking is very easy and safe especially the Sandwich, Burger, and Pizza Kits. Tailored-fit for a perfect Sunday chill with the family.

Despite the complex web of our wants, preferences, and choices, we still go back to the root of it all: ensuring safety. In a global pandemic that has already claimed thousands of lives, we want nothing but a comforting safe space in which we can freely do what we want to. Malagos Homegrown Produce Online Store is an online grocery and delivery that assures nothing but fresh and healthy homegrown products for you. We are one of the Davao online shopping and delivery that gives you service you no less than deserved.  For today, make sure to choose to stay home and stay homegrown with us, we’ll get through this together.