7-Day Healthy Meal Plan Must-Try for the Family

Daing na Bangus

Meal planning is the wisest decision you’ll make today. Whether you are a busy mom, a young professional trying to make her way through life, or a student with online classes piling up, this is one of the few things worth investing in. Meal planning will make you save your energy, time, and money. On top of this, it will also make sure that the required vitamins and nutrients for the week will be met. 

Meal planning begins on deciding the meals you want for a week. By planning and detailing each meal and having all the ingredients to prepare them, conquering the week will be a breeze. You may be thinking these all sounds appealing, but with very limited cooking skills, meal planning is not everyone’s cup of tea. In as much as what it's called, meal planning’s core is simply: planning. When you know the right place to look for the ingredients you need, everything will come to place. To make this even easier for you, we have prepared an easy 7-day meal plan you can start with: 

Sunday is family day. So it is important to prepare something easy and delicious to make sure you get all the family bonding moments you deserve! For this you can have:

Breakfast: Daing na Bangus 

Lunch: Vegetable Lumpia

Snacks: Oatmeal Nibbles 

Dinner: Pomodoro Pasta Meal Kit paired with Malagos Calamansi Juice

These frozen meals and pasta meal skit are conveniently available online at the Malagos Homegrown Produce. Each one you merely have to store in your refrigerator, cook when it’s meal time and voila! An easy Sunday with the family. 

Monday is the start of a busy week. After the weekend, we are all quite familiar with the Monday fever. Despite this, we push on and with these power meals, Mondays can be more productive: 

Breakfast: Scrambled Egg and Tocino

Lunch: Buttered Stir Fried Vegetables (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Beans) 

Snacks: Chocolate Crinkle Delight 

Dinner: Three Cheese Pizza

After a long day, reward yourself with a fun time in the kitchen. Make your own pizza with Malagos Homegrown Produce’s pizza meal kit. Cook and eat the stress away with guilt-free pleasures to indulge yourself with.

Tuesday can sometimes be dragging. After a busy Monday, deadlines and new to-do lists can be overwhelming, with all these consuming your time it will be wiser to prepare everything you need to power through the day:

Breakfast: Boiled Egg and Pork Longganisa 

Lunch: Marinated Chicken Inasal paired with Malagos Calamansi Juice

Snack: Carrot Cake

Dinner: Farmer’s Fresh Salad Kit

With these indulgent meals, Tuesdays can be something you look forward to as well. 

Wednesday, as the middle of the week can be quite exhausting. With deadlines for the week and the next piling up, a hearty meal with very little time to prepare is the best choice:


Breakfast: Beef Patties and Egg

Lunch: Farmhouse Cheeseburger Kit paired with Malagos Calamansi Juice

Snack: Oatmeal Nibbles

Dinner: Pinakbet 

A hearty Cheeseburger complete with compact protein and vegetables will do the trick. Couple it with a healthy and tasty pinakbet (you can buy a Pinakbet bundle at the Malagos Homegrown Produce) for Dinner, Wednesdays can be endearing too. 

Thursday is a day where we look forward to Friday, they say. But with the right set of meals to get us through the day, Thursdays can be productive too:

Breakfast: Boiled Cardava

Lunch: Chicken Adobo paired with Malagos Calamansi Juice

Snack: Soft Roll

Dinner: Chopsuey 

A little rewiring of our moods can be done through good food that warms the soul. Ending the day with a light meal with loads of vegetables is always the best way.  Chopsuey may be overwhelming but Malagos Homegrown Produce has just made it easier for you! With our Chopsuey bundle, you can have all the ingredients you need for Chopsuey plus other meat and fish which can be used for other meals too. 

Friday is the last day of work for the week. What better way to spend it than to have simple and tasty dish to commemorate the day:

Breakfast: Vegetable Lumpia and Boiled Egg

Lunch: Daing na Bangus

Snack: Banana Loaf

Dinner: Crispy Pork Sisig paired with Malagos Calamansi Juice

To cap off the day, a nice sisig best paired with a tropical juice and a quiet night will make a rewarding treat. 

Saturday is relaxation day. After a long, tiring week, Saturday is a great time to chill and have a great me-time, for this you can have:

Breakfast: Potato Omelette

Lunch: Cucumber Salad 

Snack: Meat Roll Bread

Dinner: Malagos Chocolate Humba paired with Malagos Calamansi Juice

With an exquisite treat for dinner, Saturdays can easily be your favorite day of the week. 

If you have noticed, each day we have made sure to consider that one meal is paired with our signature Malagos Calamansi Juice made from homegrown calamansi. With this extra delight in your meals, you can rest assured that you are building your immune system especially in a time like this. But through it all, what better way to be completely on top of things than to support local too? Buy Davao vegetable bundles and Davao fresh frozen meals for your meal planning this week! You will not only be giving your body a favor, you will also be supporting our local farmers. For today, choose to stay home and stay homegrown with the Malagos Homegrown Produce.