A Few Malagos Meals Trivia for Kadayawan 2020

Malagos DIY Meal Kits

During the onset of the pandemic, in order to keep everyone safe, the City Government of Davao mandated all recreational places to temporarily close to make sure to keep more people at home. This way, the virus can be contained and will be easier to control. Due to this unexpected circumstance, the Malagos Garden Resort had to adapt fast. There were almost a hundred workers and farmers whose main source of livelihood is the resort itself. In an effort to keep afloat, the resort shifted to an online shop for farm fresh produce. This way, the produce which our local farmers have tenaciously grown and took care of can still be used. From the moment we announced this initiative to what we have become now, you have always been there to support us every step of the way. Through you, the Malagos Homegrown Produce budded. 

We started from selling fresh, homegrown produce alone and since then, we have been continuously expanding our products to make sure you have everything you need at home. For the past few years, most of you spent Kadayawan with us. But for this month, we cannot open our doors yet. In order to keep you safe, we have made sure that you can still enjoy local flavors at home and dig into earthy flavors the bounty of Davao offers.

Malagos DIY meal kits. These Davao meal kits initiatives were born in the month of June. After disabling all restaurant and weekend lunch buffet activities for the last two months, the resort started offering restaurant gourmet meals and our best-selling dishes to the city’s residents once again. And although the resort and our restaurants are still temporarily closed, we found a way of bringing the Malagos flavors and farm-to-table goodness in the homes of our beloved guests and fellow Dabawenyos. These DIY meal kits are our  way of bringing fun and fresh homegrown meals to your doorstep! We have five awesome and well-loved kits to date: our pizza kit, pasta kit, rancher’s sandwich kit, farmhouse cheeseburger kit, and farmer’s salad kit. Each kit is pre-portioned with all the ingredients you need. Simply prepare, cook, mix, and serve. Own your kitchen and bring the taste of Malagos to your own dish. 

Malagos frozen meal kits. These Davao frozen meals kits were introduced in an effort to give you a burst of flavors that will last for a long time. Each frozen Malagos dish has been carefully curated to give you a unique Malagos dish experience at home. From our rich and tasty beef patties, marinated pork belly, daing na Bangus, and even all the way to one of our best sellers, the pork and shrimp siomai. We have always been encouraging you to practice meal planning in these trying times. Through planning everything that you need for the week, online grocery and everyday preparing of meals will not be much of a burden anymore. This is why we have introduced our frozen meal kits. Best enjoyed steamed, fried, or grilled, each has its own unique, homegrown, earthy flavor you and your family will surely love. 

Malagos DIY baking kits. These Malagos Davao baking kits were introduced last July. We have seen more and more people honing their baking skills as the series of lockdowns kept on being implemented. In order to join the fun and introduce a simpler and more convenient way of baking to everyone, the Malagos Homegrown Produce introduced the Malagos DIY cookie and brownie kits. Just prep,  mix, and bake, baking cookies and brownies made more indulgent with our award-winning 65% chocolate has never been this easy. With premium ingredients as your bake, where can you go wrong?

The Malagos Homegrown Produce is a product of innovation and passion. With this, we are growing by the day and we could not be more humble by the amount of support you give us. It remains an absolute privilege to continue on our mission to keep the Malagos farm-to-table cuisine alive. We can’t wait to launch more hearty meals and delights that will bring you closer to Malagos Garden Resort once more. Until we see each other again and happy Kadayawan, Davao!