A Taste of Filipino Culture in the Malagos Chocolate Humba

Malagos Humba

There’s nothing like the flavor of our favorite Pinoy dishes which remind us of simpler and happier times. 

When we remember our dining experience at restaurants and imagine the palatal delight our favorite dishes bring us, we think of how these places and dishes were once witnesses to memorable times with our loved ones. We hold on to the thought that we’ll be able to experience them again and we, ultimately, look forward to a better future after all of this is over. 

As quarantines continue to extend throughout the world, some business establishments have decided to completely shut down their operations for the rest of the year. This particularly applies to business establishments in the tourism industry – resorts have opted to be one with the entire nation in fighting the COVID-19 virus even if it meant cessation of operations for an indefinite period.

One of the resorts in Davao City that is immensely affected by the quarantine and new normal rules is Malagos Garden Resort. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic crisis, the resort was able to continue its goal of offering and delivering the Malagos’ bounty and farm-to-table goodness to the residents of Davao City since the quarantine began. 

Malagos Chocolate Humba, a well-loved Malagos food from the resort’s menu, will soon be available together with the farm-fresh finds offered at the Malagos Homegrown Produce online supermarket. This classic Filipino dish has easily become a favorite amongst guests who were able to enjoy the food selections at the Malagos Garden Resort restaurant because of the twist of infusing the cacao flavor from the unsweetened chocolate. 

This humble dish has come a long way. Before the twists, “Humba” was simply a sweet pork dish that was shared by our Chinese ancestors. It resembles the famous pork adobo in terms of appearance and flavor. This dish is popular in the southern parts of the Philippines and is considered as a staple dish in special occasions like birthdays, fiestas, and weddings. Pork belly, pork hocks, and pork ham are the three most common pig parts used to make this delightful masterpiece.

This dish uses all the ingredients of pork adobo hence the similar taste and appearance; however, certain ingredients such as brown sugar, salted black beans, and banana blossoms make this dish stand out. There are also other variations wherein pineapple juice or lime-flavored soda is infused for an all-natural sweetening alternative and to help bring out the flavors of each ingredient.

The black beans that are incorporated in the dish also helps in adding flavor to the dish. Malagos Garden Resort uses imported US beans that are US Dry Bean Council/ USDBC-approved. These beans also bring in some nutrients and vitamins like fiber that will help your body in digesting the protein and fats from the pork.

Indeed, there’s nothing like flavors that remind you of better days and of a rich Filipino culture. Taste the flavors of Filipino heritage soon and delight in homegrown meals from the Malagos Homegrown Produce.