After Covid-19 Will Things be Back to Normal?

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In a 2016 article by Tedeschi, R.G, “In the traditional Japanese art of kintsugi, artisans fill the cracks in broken pottery with gold or silver, transforming damaged pieces into something more beautiful than they were when new. Post-traumatic growth is like kintsugi for the mind.” This is a comforting idea to hold on to in these chaotic times. It happened really fast. One moment the first case of coronavirus was announced, the next, the virus has already made a home out of a hundred people in the country. We’ve been going through a lot since the onset of this pandemic and the changes we have to keep up with have been magnanimous; they are almost unrecognizable. Will things ever return to normal? 

We may not know what the future brings but one thing is clear: the changes we have now are ones we will be keeping for a very long time. As long as there is no vaccine, there is no cure and the fight Covid-19 movement will still continue. Many have already refrained from the desire to touch or be touched. In just a few months, human contact has been considered life-threatening. But this too shall pass and with the future heavy in our hearts and minds, here are three things we have to get used to:

It is important to do things remotely. Before the pandemic, everything we do involve a form of physical contact. Doing grocery runs meant going to brick and mortar stores to shop for what we need, work meant having to go eight hours a day to the office, and going out with friends involved karaoke and dancing the night away. But all these had to be changed in order to ensure our safety. We can now stay home and buy online everything that we need, work from home has been significantly used by at least 68% of the working class, and keeping up with friends has been done through video calls and e-chats. We have to stay at home to be safe. We used to think it cannot be done. Now, here we are, almost four months in the series of lockdowns and all these became the new normal for us. 

The face of tourism and traveling will not be the same. Traveling used to be our break and time away from stress and deadlines. But with all the uncertainness the year 2020 has to offer, it is still best to stay at home. We miss the beach and great views as much as you do, but is it really worth the risk?

We have to embrace the possibility of learning to live with future outbreaks. We have gone through decades thinking that we have everything figured out. A leap in the advancement of technology has been our constant buzz these past few years. But the existence of the coronavirus shook our core. No matter how advanced the technology we have, it is still not enough to speed the cure for the virus taking lives each day. This goes to show that we are no longer invincible to various diseases. Another outbreak might come to rise and we may have to do this all over again. But the most important thing to remember is that we have to continue growing and healing together. 

We may not be sure of what the future holds but we do have the choice to choose how we go on. We at Malagos Homegrown Produce, a Davao online grocery, will remain faithful in our task of going the extra mile to keep you and your family safe. Stay home and enjoy the little gifts time is offering you-- bond more with the kids, redecorate your room, work without the stress of a commute. Life after the virus may be uncertain but it does not have to be scary. With Malagos Homegrown Produce, you can shop for anything and everything good nature has to offer. For now, let’s get through this together.