Are Meal Kits Here to Stay or Sashay Away?

Malagos Meal Kit

The future is here and it is in a box waiting to be delivered to your doorstep.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about then look around, DIY meal kits are everywhere and it’s becoming a hit in every household. Meal Kits are now considered as one of the most convenient and relevant food choices during the pandemic. The situation that we are in may be temporary but it looks like meal kits are here to stay – for good. Particularly now, as the COVID-19 takes its toll on the food supply chain and forces people to stay home, Malagos Homegrown Produce has proven to be a reliable and innovative platform to get fresh, high-quality meat, produce, and meal kits delivered to your door. 

Meal kit delivery services are enjoying a surge in demand as a growing number of audience people cook from home amid COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. That’s a welcome development for an industry that was crowded with more than 100 competitors and stagnating before the coronavirus struck.

The quality of the ingredients- produce, meat, herbs, and sauces- that Malagos Homegrown Produce DIY Meal Kits have had a consistently good performance since day one. The ingredients of these products promise an all-natural and certified fresh quality. For the most part, the recipes don’t require a slew of different pots and pans, and the only ingredients you need to provide are cooking oil, salt, and pepper. The recipe instructions are also well-written and easy to follow, while the cooking time estimates are accurate. 

If you think about it, meal kits are just the same as buying your ingredients for a meal prep at home. But with meal kits, you’re getting a complete package of what you need to cook without worrying about the freshness of your ingredients, getting the right serving size, and knowing the process of how to cook restaurant-style.

One of the primary benefits of meal kits is to avoid food waste by pre-portioning ingredients. Instead of buying a bulk of fresh produce and herbs, customers get the proper amount that they need to serve a certain number of people. Some of you might think that this is costly but think about the molded and unfinished jars of sauces that will go to your trash bins. Wasting food is still wasting money. If you really want to go through the state of the art process of home-cooking then you must have the right tools, especially for storage. And this will entail another set of expenses and effort on your part. If you’ve got bigger things to do then it’s better to skip it and go for DIY meal kits instead. 

Whether the interest continues depends partly on whether people will continue to pay for their convenience if the economy worsens. As long as there is a need for these meal kit delivery services then consumers will continue to seek for it, and local food establishments are equally most willing to pursue this path.

There are plenty of DIY Meals Davao that are now available for your convenience online.  Don’t miss out on having your hearty Malagos Homegrown meal kits delivered and try this newest sensation for yourself.