Avoid the Christmas Rush with MHP

December is coming. It’s the time of the year where you can enjoy music, food, cheering-- it can all be quite intoxicating. Along with this festivity is the Christmas rush. Let’s face it, Filipinos are great procrastinators. We have a habit of doing things on the last minute and that includes shopping for gifts and the food we’re preparing for noche buena. This year, though there are some changes in the way we celebrate, it can be quite hard to shake off this habit. The Malagos Homegrown Produce, a Davao online grocery and delivery is here to make the holidays a bit easier. With our Malagos Homegrown Produce vegetable bundles and meal kits, holidays have never been this easy. To make it easier, here are some tips to remember so you can save yourself from the Christmas rush and heavy traffic:

List your Christmas gifts as soon as possible. Preparation is what will help you from all the inconvenience during this time. List down all the people you desire to give Christmas presents to — family, friends, and of course, your godchildren. By knowing these, you’d be able to save some time and energy as you’ve already decided what to buy and where to go instead of wandering around malls thinking about your gift for a certain person. Not having a list will only take too much of your time and ending up forgetting a gift for someone!

Bake early. If you bake on the holidays, it will take too much of your time and will eventually lead to you not being able to prepare anything else on the table. But if you want to whip up decadent brownies and cookies in no time, then you most definitely have to try the Malagos DIY Brownie and Cookie Kits! In just a few steps, you get to serve finger licking good desserts to everyone. Who wouldn’t want that? 

Meal preparation is the key. If you plan your menu and shop for all the ingredients you need a month before Christmas, it pays off big time. Then all you have to buy are your fresh ingredients and avoid the long line-ups at the grocery store. This is where the Malagos Homegrown Bundles comes in handy. With pre-packed ingredients for you to enjoy, a holiday feast is as easy as 1, 2, 3.  One last tip on this one: make sure to set the table two to three days in advance. Not only is this smart but also lovely to look at for a couple days.

Budget your money. Budgeting your money will help you avoid spending more than what you expected. Allocate money for certain expenses — gifts, food, decorations, etc. It is necessary to be wise in spending your hard-earned money, and as mentioned earlier, early shopping will help you save more money. Other than that, you may also search for bargain sales during this season. Another option is, you can create a bank account dedicated for your Christmas fund, so you can ensure to separate holiday expenses from day-to-day ones. You can also opt to buy in bulks since this is a move proven to help you save in the long run. 

Make your holidays extra special, buy and support local Davao products through the Malagos Homegrown Produce. Directly sourced from our local farmers, each dish you enjoy with us is guaranteed fresh and of top quality. We are brewing better discounts for the holidays so make sure to sign up on our newsletter at https://malagoshomegrownproduce.com/. You are in for quite a treat. Happy holidays!