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Baking Kits

Admit it. As much as other people keep on posting their DIY cookies and brownies on their social media, you want to make one too. But the thought of measuring everything and going out of the house to do baking errands can be intimidating and not to mention, unsafe. But with everything going on, you really do start to wonder what is up with people and baking these days, don’t you?

The onset of the pandemic has put us into so much stress and anxiety. We do not know when this will end or what will happen next, the anxiety can sometimes be too much. Psychologists say that when we feel stressed or anxious, we often look for distractions and baking can be just that. Many things are out of control these days but measuring ingredients and following recipes can give us a sense of routine which can be calming. Baking keeps us busy, it requires much of our attention and keeps us focused and engaged.

“I think right now, with everything going on, baking is a great way to get the attention off of your phone and your computer and back in the kitchen. You have to pay attention to detail when you're baking because baking really is an exact science," registered dietitian Amber Pankonin, said in an article last April 2020. While cooking can be seen as a form of art, psychologists say baking is primarily a form of science. They say absorbing time and attention into specific tasks that require a rewarding outcome, like baking is beneficial for our mental health. Baking pulls us out of our overthinking and gets us into the moment. 

While it would be nice to occupy our minds with something that will ease us out of all these, it is still important to stay home and shop online. There are now many online grocery and delivery in Davao but only a few have a complete baking supply. In fact, it is very hard to find especially these days when everyone just seems to be baking too. This is where the Malagos Homegrown Produce introduces our new products: the Malagos Chocolate Do-It-Yourself Cookie Pack and the Malagos Chocolate Do-It-Yourself Brownie Pack. With these, baking away your cravings will be as simple as three steps-- prepare everything you need, mix all the ingredients together, bake, and voila! A Brownie and a cookie especially made with our favorite proudly local chocolate. 

Each pack is quite a handful. One pack of the  Malagos Chocolate DIY Brownie can make an 8.5” x 8.5” pan. With this pack, it's now easy to make this delectable brownie treat for family and friends. Made even more special with our award-winning 72% Dark Chocolate. This pack includes a sugar mixture, flour mixture, and Malagos 72% Dark Chocolate. 

The Malagos Chocolate DIY Cookies are sold per pack and make around 24 pieces. Just prep, mix, and bake! We have made it easy for you to enjoy cookies made more indulgent with chunks from our award-winning 65% Dark Chocolate. The pack already has a Sugar Mixture, Cookie Mixture, and a Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate. 

Whether it is a dessert you are craving, a healthy meal, or a cheesy meaty burger goodness, the Malagos Homegrown Produce hearty DIY kits have it for you! Simply head onto our website, choose the hearty meals category, and delight in all the indulgences you can choose today. Be your own chef and be the master of your own kitchen. Have fun!