Between Customer Feedbacks and Loyalty

Trusted Online Grocery and Delivery in Davao City

It has been exactly five months since the series of lockdowns have been implemented. Since then, many things have already happened. Most of us Dabawenyos cope up through things both familiar and unfamiliar to us: making comfort foods at home, baking, gardening, and even all the way to bartering. Filipinos are said to be always resilient but in the midst of this pandemic, it showed just how much. This is also the same with small local businesses and online stores like us. We do our best to keep up and strive with whatever changes this pandemic is throwing our way. 

We have to be honest, these past few months have not been easy for us. It was a day to day process of getting by. But through it all, you have never left us. Your constant support and encouragement through your kind words and feedback  made each day bearable.  With this, we are once again sharing with you  five customer feedbacks that kept us afloat these past few weeks:

Ms. Rhea  Pañares says that:Saturday's easy and quick merienda prepared by Chef Ysabelle a.k.a pamangkin #4 a.k.a taga-ubos ng Belgian Boys Stroopwafels ni tita.

DIY Four-Cheese Pizza Kit from The Malagos Homegrown Produce. The recipe didn't include a tomato sauce but pamangkin #2 demanded a dose of lycopene. Ano pa ba magagawa ko?

This comment was accompanied by an adorable video of a little chef preparing the Malagos Pizza Meal Kit herself. Each Pizza meal kit is packed with  all pre-portioned ingredients you need to prepare a scrumptious pizza yourself! Simply put it all together, bake it, serve, and  voila! You now have one gourmet pizza your way. Try it with your kids too. 

Ms. Bash Simplicio says that: “They have the BEST avocado ever! I was craving for some avocado and I was so happy that they have it. I also ordered bread and tomatoes which was perfect for an avocado toast! Great selection. Fresh food”


The Malagos Homegrown Produce is a Davao online store and delivery that is directly linked with our local farmers. With our farm fresh, homegrown harvest for the day, each produce will surely be one of the best quality there is. 


Ms. Shemalyn Cabigas says that: “Placed my order around 6pm and i had it the next day. the best thing about it is that they have a website where you can choose the products and see the prices as well. very convenient and the items i ordered were neatly packed. thank youuuu ” 


We try our best to make sure that you have a fast, easy, and convenient shopping  experience with us. On top of this, we also ensure that each item is neatly packed for your safety. 


@brandingmastersph says that: “I think the Rancher’s Sandwich Kit is worth the price plus the preparation experience was quite enjoyable as well. Malagos Homegrown Produce definitely has some of Davao best meal kits out there. They also have a Farmhouse Cheese Burger Kit that I’m looking forward to trying. A friend who already did told me that their beef patty is filled with oozing, melted cheese inside! For an affordable sandwich meal kit or any meal kit PH, you might want to check out Malagos Homegrown Produce’s hearty meals section on the website.”

The Malagos Homegrown Produce offers ready to cook meal kits to give you a more convenient way of cooking. Running out of time? A quick grill of patties for a juicy Cheeseburger or simply assemble a scrumptious sandwich, the list of possibilities is endless. Own your kitchen and indulge in proudly Davao tastes with our meal kits.


@sheilabs_you says that: “Wine is always the answer. Cheers to pour decisions.

#wine #coldcutsandcheese #malagoscheese #canapes” 


Let’s admit it, wine and Malagos cheese is the best combination there is. Whether you want to celebrate or simply enjoy a quiet night, it is one of the most often go-to choices. Delight in proudly local cheeses and as  what Ms. Sheila said “I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.❤️” 


The Malagos Homegrown Produce has been your trusted online grocery and delivery in Davao for the past few months and we could not be more humbled by this. We have nothing but gratitude for each and every story you share with us. Thank you for opening your doors and letting Malagos still be a part of your lives despite these trying times. Let’s get through this together.