Bring Back The Charm Of Dinner Dates

Dinner dates vanished at some point when the pandemic started. If you are feeling rusted on generating ideas to shake things up, here are simple details that would show you haven't lost your charm to improve a dinner date. Malagos Homegrown Cafe is an online grocery in Davao and this is exactly what you need to make a surprise on your dinner date.

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Decide Where to Go

Every Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., Malagos Homegrown Café provides a 10% discount to Agdao locals! We were visible on Google Maps. Request instructions from Google. No woman enjoys a man who is unable to make a decision. Make a list based on her preferences. You're in big danger if you haven't determined where to dine by the time you've traveled a mile.

Conversation Under Control

Consider this very carefully. If she's been wanting to chat about anything for a long (or vice versa), now is an excellent moment to do it (unless you believe it's on a subject that may potentially kill the mood, but if you play your cards correctly, the occasion might work in your favor). To get that sugar rush, try adding light sweet pastries like Chocolate Crinkle Delight.

Be a Gentleman

You should already be familiar with the fundamentals (lift her up, tell her she's lovely, open the door, draw out her chair, and so on), but have you forgotten about street etiquette? Men should always walk closest to the roadway. Consume more for added strength, such is what the Malagos Cheeseburger provides. Pure beef is beneficial to your muscles.

Remember, there are 365 days in a year, and tonight is hers. Don't be hasty. Be aware and in the moment. It's unpleasant to be with someone who constantly pushes you in and out of the door. Whatever it is, it can wait, and if it can't, please inform her of the reason. Remember, she deserves your entire attention tonight.

Try Something New

It's helpful not to rely on the same old dining spot, but if it ain't busted, don't repair it. You might, however, take a chance on something else on the menu. It might not be such a fantastic idea, but it will force you both out of your comfort zones. Try our Flourless Chocolate Cake, which is a relatively recent addition to the local cake varieties.

Make it Last

Having dessert somewhere else is a fantastic way to extend dinner. But don't overdo it; there's no need to drive across town. Planning to dine somewhere with a variety of eating alternatives is usually a smart idea, and taking a nice walk and getting some fresh air never hurts.


Unless supper is one of several stops you want to make tonight, you've completed your task. Allow her to drive. There's a high possibility that by now, the only thing she'll want to do is spend the rest of the evening watching Netflix and chilling with you, but if she has any other ideas, agree to make them happen. Your want is her order.

This isn't a fool-proof, all-inclusive, step-by-step guide to satisfying your girlfriend on date night, but it'll get you started. Look on the bright side of things. At the very least, you received a 10% discount for dating between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays. Give it a go right now. It is better to regret doing than not regret not attempting.