Celebrating Kadayawan 2020 with Proudly Davao Flavors

Malagos Lechon Belly

Back in the day, the ethnic tribes of Davao would come together to celebrate abundant crops, performing rituals that paid tribute to the nature gods. They used to display fruits, vegetables, and flowers at the front of their houses as a sign of respect and gratefulness for the great year they had. These days, these practices are no longer done but the spirit of gratitude is still there. In fact, August 24, 2020 has been announced by President Rodrigo Duterte as a Special Non-Working Holiday in the City in respect to the Indigenous Peoples’ Day, one of the major highlights of the Kadayawan Festival. The day is a tribute to the 11 tribes of Davao City, to preserve their history and culture.

If it weren’t for the onset of the pandemic, Davao City would have been buzzing by now. For this month, the whole City would have been alive with banderitas and different activities every night. Most would have been busy preparing for the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan, Floral Float Parade, and the Search for the Hiyas ng Dabaw 2020. While we cannot go out and celebrate like we used to, why not choose to celebrate this special event by staying safe and staying home with the Malagos Homegrown Produce Kadayawan Products? Be the master of your own kitchen, celebrate proudly Davao flavors, and immerse in the rich culture and taste each dish offers!

Malagos DIY Cookies and  Brownies Kits.  Be that pastry chef you’ve always wanted to be. In just three easy steps: prepare, mix, and bake, you can now  whip up classic and indulgent desserts made from proudly Davao chocolates. Round up the kids and help them put together these desserts too. For sure it will be one intimate Kadawayan celebration the entire family won’t soon forget. 

Pizza Kits. Each Pizza Kit already has your own pre-portioned ingredients to make that scrumptious Pizza you’ve been craving for days! With two variants to choose from: Three Cheese and Meat Lovers Pizza, your family will surely have their fill. Made from farm fresh, homegrown, and local ingredients, celebrate Davao City with the bounty of taste each bite offers. 

Cheese Burger Kits. A great steak out always sounds like a good idea right? Celebrate Kadayawan with the family in your own backyard. Play your favorite music, dance to the beat, grill your patties, and with all ingredients carefully curated for your convenience, delightful cheeseburgers have never been this easy! 

Lechon Belly. Taste Kadayawan with Malagos’ rich and juicy Lechon Belly. Made with various homegrown local spices it has a burst of flavors that will make any celebrations worthwhile. Pair it up with Malagos’ Sukang Sinamak and make sure to prepare a hefty amount of rice because your family is surely in for a treat. 

Malagos strives through innovation. So when the series of lockdowns happened, we took the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need at home. Malagos Garden Resort has always been a part of your Kadayawan celebrations, for this year, let us be a part of it too. Simply head onto our website and enjoy the bounty Davao City offers. Happy 2020 Kadayawan, Davao! We’ll get through this together.