Create Your Own Gourmet Sandwich Anytime, Anywhere

DIY Meal Kits

What if you can make your own gourmet sandwich at home without having to a) check the internet for gourmet and premium recipes and b) risk your health by going outside to buy the ingredients? The idea is certainly an interesting one, but will consumers, especially those who are still skeptical about DIY kits, see the silver lining?

Well, this is the value that you can see and taste. Malagos Homegrown Produce is currently bringing back some of the guests’ favorites at Malagos Garden Resort and has recently launched easy-to-eat meals and DIY meal kits for the residents of Davao. These options and new releases are very delicious, nutritious, and easy to assemble. The difference between these from other Davao online meal kits is that it has unique recipes. A consumer may look at these kits online, then turn around and pick up the ingredients at the market to make the recipe themselves — or just add a kit to their cart and have these safely delivered to their doorstep in no time.

This week, Malagos Homegrown Produce is adding another classic snack or merienda to the menu of DIY meal kits - the Rancher’s Sandwich DIY hearty meal kit. The kit contains homemade sourdough bread, fresh lettuce, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese, pastrami, farmers ham, tomato, onion, and Malagos’ very own herbed butter. It’s definitely not your ordinary sandwich because instead of using wheat or white bread, the kit has a sourdough bread to compliment the cheese and other flavors from the ingredients. It’s best paired with a hot cup of coffee in the afternoon or with a cold brew of tea and calamansi juice.

If you think about it, indeed there is a distinction between the five-minute meals or fast-food and fresh options found in the Malagos Homegrown Produce. Aside from the main difference of customers getting to prepare the sandwich on their own, they can also use this time and activity to be more productive and improve their chops in the kitchen. You’re also saving some time on the preparation of ingredients because we’ve portioned it out for you. We have labored to cut down prep times for consumers — from hours to 15 minutes’ tops. 

If you’re an essential worker during this time and you don't have enough time to pick up lunch while you’re at the office, then consider buying the sandwich kit. We know how you’re always on the go but now is the time to eat right and consume what you need. We know it’s still hard to believe how much has changed significantly since then. The coronavirus crisis has forced abrupt shifts across the industry; operations, menus, labor models, nothing looks like it did just three or four months ago. It has also caused us to readjust our routines and eating habits. This has certainly caused restaurants to launch items off-the-menu and tap into a delivery service, while traditional revenue channels, like dine-ins, buffet, and catering, have completely dried up.

Good thing homegrown meals with an easy meal plan to eat healthy are here to save you time and in turn, save local and small businesses during this crisis. Malagos Homegrown Produce meal products and DIY kits are here to help you prepare a healthy snack or meal at home or even at work. Create your gourmet Rancher’s Sandwich and taste local premium flavors fresh from the farm.