Creativity in the Kitchen with the New Malagos Bundles

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In its rawest definition, creativity simply means the use of imagination to create something new and valuable. It is directly correlated with the word “create” but reels in more exciting and fun choices with it. Creativity is a fire in us that we should not let wither. It can be used in our everyday lives, especially in the kitchen! Many of us are routine-based people which is why looping in familiar recipes can be quite easy for most of us. So get out of your comfort zone and create tastes and experiences that last. 

The Malagos Homegrown Produce is an online grocery and delivery in Davao City that offers new and convenient ways to unleash the inner chef in you. With this in mind, we are introducing one of our latest offers: the Malagos Homegrown Bundles. This latest addition lets you choose among three bundled products of our wide product mix in a form of subscription plan with different choices each week. 

Malagos Classic Homegrown Bundles. If you want to keep it simple and tasty, try out this bundle and enjoy Malagos Fresh Picks, Malagos Bounty, and Malagos Premium Cuts along with it. Here’s a fun tip with this one: spiralize! For the young ones and young at heart, you can make dishes more appetizing by spiralizing vegetables. With this, you can have your very own noodles made from farm fresh vegetables that can be used for anything from breakfast all the way to snacks. Who says being healthy has to be a bore?

Malagos Signature Homegrown Bundles. Spice up every dish with the offers in this bundle! With this you can enjoy  Malagos Fresh Picks, Malagos Bounty, Malagos Premium Cuts, AND Homegrown Confectionary, and Malagos Gourmet. Here’s an innovative tip on this one: use Malagos spices to switch up flavors. Spices are the easiest way to make a dish more exciting. Spices can tie up all the flavors in the dish together. By changing one spice and nothing else in a dish, you’d be surprised with the refreshing flavors you and the family are in for. 

Malagos Premium Homegrown Bundles. For a more refined taste in every dish, this bundle is for you. With our Malagos Fresh Picks, Malagos Bounty, Malagos Premium Cuts, Homegrown Confectionary, Malagos Gourmet, AND Homegrown Flavor Feast, up your game in the kitchen and be that master chef you’ve always wanted to be. Here is a homegrown tip on this one: find recipes that make you excited to cook. In this bundle, you now have meal kits that have pre-portioned ingredients in every set. With quality produce and products in your kitchen, you can never go wrong. 

These days, Davao online grocery shopping has never been this easy. If you are looking up on “affordable online grocery delivery near me” or one that serves healthy Davao meal kits, the Malagos Homegrown Produce is here for you. Simply head on to our website, enjoy our wide array of choices (individually or very soon, in bundles), and we guarantee you a service you no less than deserve. For today, stay home and stay homegrown with the Malagos Homegrown Produce.