DIY Samgyupsal on Rainy Nights

Samgyup on a rainy night

The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pag-asa) announced last September 9 that La Niña in our country is expected to start in the last quarter of the year.  La Niña, the counterpart of El Niño is characterized by below normal sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean near the equator- a result of the shifting wind patterns in the atmosphere. Visayas and Mindanao are said to be the most affected areas in the country. 

Rainy season can be soothing at first. But as time passes by, it can be quite a hassle especially if you have activities lined-up for the day. To make the most of cold, rainy days, make sure to prepare a special night to cap off your efforts for the day. Here is a homegrown tip for you: enjoy DIY samgyupsal at the comforts of your own home. What is even better about it is that you can enjoy it with other activities as well.

Movie night. Spend the night with the family rugged up on the couch with a comfortable blanket and a scrumptious samgyupsal dinner laid in front of you. A good rainy day movie should wrap you in coziness just like sipping hot chocolate and enjoying samgyupsal does. Netflix now offers a lot of exciting movies to check out. In order to make sure no one misses the exciting parts, make sure to take turns while cooking! This will give all of you something to look forward to while watching the movie. 

Jamming Session. Whenever you’re out and about with your friends and you’re planning to drink some liquor, and enjoy hearty Samgyupsal,  something fun and exciting should be your main agenda. A good idea would be to host a jamming session with your barkada. All you have to do is bring out your guitar and strum away your favorite tunes. If you want to take it up a notch, then turn the jam session into an all-out karaoke night, where everyone is free to sing – regardless, whether they are a good singer or not! Nothing beats a fun and warm night like this with people close to your heart. 

Play table games like “Never Have I Ever.” This game is most Filipinos’ favorite because it gives us a fair share of embarrassing but absolutely memorable and fun moments. This is the best when you are playing with the people you are closest to. You’d be surprised with the amount of secrets you are yet to discover with each other! While on the heat, make sure to enjoy your Samgyupsal once in a while because this game might just take the whole night away.

Catch up on your reading. Ever feel like you’re in the middle of a movie scene? Picture this: you are reading your book on your favorite nook in the house, while you enjoy a warm Samgyupsal and cold strawberry Soju. Nothing feels cozier than that!

Don’t let rainy nights stop you from having fun! With these fun and easy tips, you can now enjoy a cozy homegrown DIY Samgyupsal night with family and friends. Take it up a notch and choose only quality products from the Malagos Homegrown Produce, a Davao online supermarket and is the best option when you are searching for an “online grocery and delivery near me.” With our wide variety of products, offers, and affordable meal kits in Davao, make cooking easier and tastier with us. Unleash that inner chef and be the master of your own kitchen with the Malagos Homegrown Produce.