E-Commerce and Online Shopping is the New Normal

Malagos Homegrowm Produce


Life as we know it is put on hold and may not go back anytime soon. Without a vaccine or a certain timeline as to when this will last, COVID-19 is here to stay and it has already changed the way people live and how businesses go about their operations. “History teaches us that short-term measures taken in response to global crises lead to changes that last for decades,” said IndustryWeek.com. “What most of us consider normal has already fundamentally shifted.”

People are changing the way they’re buying—why and how. Amidst the strict measures during the quarantine, shoppers are compelled to shift to e-commerce and online shopping. In that light, here’s why online farmers market and groceries are here to stay post-pandemic.

It’s safe. As new cases are reported every day and as total count for confirmed cases seem to increase nationally, you might grow more anxious to go out. Online shopping lets you shop with just a push of a button and have the goods delivered to your home.

Now if you’re still hesitant and you think—well, how about my safety when receiving these orders? According to the World Health Organization, “The likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is lows and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, travelled and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low.”

If you’re still having doubts, Malagos Homegrown Produce offers a contactless delivery alternative. Just pay through GCash or BDO Bank Transfer instead of COD and advise delivery to be placed outside your door or gate instead of handing them over by hand. It’s that simple.

Supporting local farmers and small vendors. Malagos Homegrown Produce sources their fresh produce, meats, and poultry from the local farmers of Calinan and Bansalan—all of which are grown naturally. We make sure that these farmers get the most out of their harvest and in a way sustain their livelihood during this pandemic. When you buy from Malagos Homegrown Produce, you’re also providing for our local farmers and their families aside from giving you all-natural, ethically grown farm product.

Happiness Guaranteed. Unlike traditional markets, Malagos Homegrown Produce offers an exchange policy if you have complaints with our products quality-wise. We advise our buyers to check all items upon delivery and if they forget to do so, they need only to report their concerns within 24 hours from receipt of goods to qualify for a replacement or an in-store credit if the product is out of stock.

 All you need to do is take a picture of the product and a picture of the receipt along with your complaint and send it to our Facebook Messenger: @malagoshomegrownproduce, via email through customerservice@malagos.com, or via mobile through 0977 246 1592 (Globe). Our customer service representative should be able to confirm receipt of your complaint usually via SMS.

Ecommerce and online shopping has long been here even before the pandemic, they have long provided convenience and efficiency and further proved their worth during this trying times to the point of considering them as heroic frontliners. Hate them or love them but online farmers markets and groceries are here to stay even after this pandemic, and they will prove to be the greatest weapon while stuck at home in quarantine.