Edible Garden Dishes 101

Healthy Meal Kit in Davao

From bartering, cooking and baking comfort foods, to almost all our friends being an online seller, the series of lockdowns merely proved that Filipinos are indeed resilient. Through trying times, we all do our best to survive. To date, gardening has been the latest craze. There is indeed a certain kind of fulfillment in seeing plants you take care of bloom and grow by the day. 

One of the trends these days is growing your very own edible garden. By doing so, you can simply go to your garden and hand pick any ingredients you need for the day. Some of the herbs and plants you can easily pair up for a great meal are:

Oregano. Fresh oregano and chicken is the best pair there is! Roasted, grilled, poached, or steamed, any way you want to cook the chicken, the oregano will make it taste better. Simply whisk minced oregano to the sauce or stuff it inside the chicken, its smoky burst of flavors will surely keep the guests wondering what your secret ingredient is. 

Native Basil. Who doesn’t love Pesto pasta? Simply mince the basil, add up some olive oil and cheese to your pasta and voila! A fresh, homegrown pasta ready to be served to the entire family. 

Spearmint. Mints are always better paired with basil as this brings out the minty, tangy taste of this plant. One famous dish you can enjoy with this is the Grilled Salmon with Basil and Mint. Simply heat both in olive oil to infuse its taste before drizzling the olive oil onto the fresh grilled Salmon with cilantro and a burst of flavors will welcome you in every bite. 

Green Tea. Aside from its usual teacup set up, green tea can also be used to make indulge desserts! One of these is the famous matcha green tea cupcakes. Simply infuse the green tea to your baking and come up with one of the most sought after tastes these days.

Rosemary. One of the infamous dishes that can be done with fresh rosemary is the Rosemary Roasted Chicken. Simply season the chicken, brush up some olive oil with, and a dash of rosemary and it will be one center dish the family will love. 

Tarragon. Classic lemon tarragon chicken is the first dish in mind when we think about this herb. With roasted chicken breasts alone simmered in the classic flavors of lemon and tarragon with just a hint of olive oil is what makes the dish more elegant and sophisticated in taste.  

Mint Leaves. A refreshing mint tea is always the best option to enjoy on a rainy day. This herb will give your tea an alluring herbal aroma and flavor. Plus, using mint leaves for tea is a much safer choice since it does not have caffeine. In short, it will not keep you up at night. 

Blue Ternate Plant. The most known use of this herb is the butterfly pea tea recipe. Simply boil the flowers and in minutes, you have a vibrant, healthy blue tea your way. 

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