Five Malagos Customer Feedbacks for the Week


Davao Chocolate Meal Kit


The Malagos Homegrown Produce is an online store in Davao City that strives to make sure you can stay safe by shopping for everything you need online. We have been operating for months now and each of your feedback is important in shaping who we are today and what we will be in the future. We want nothing but to give you a service you no less than deserved. This is why your opinions about our service are one we truly value. For today, we are once again sharing with you five customer feedbacks we had the last few days.

@Joer’s says: “It’s been two days since these malagos chocolate chip cookies were baked and they’re still as fresh as ever! The ultimate treat is to put them in an airtight container and store at room temperature. Trust me.”

We love it when you share your own hacks to our products! Each malagos chocolate is carefully crafted to make sure you enjoy quality, creamy chocolates made from our local cocoas. Thus, it humbles us to know that more and more people are getting to know our products better. A little more chocolate won’t hurt. Right?

@KL A Laurel says: “Support our local farmers and products. Ongoing Farmers Harvest at the North wing of SM Lanang. Mangosteen at Php. 50.00 per kilogram from the Davao City Agri Booth, durian, marang, rambutan, vegetables from various local farms, local products from some local restaurants, and Malagos cheeses, jams, goats, milk and yogurt, and Bukidnon milk company products as well. Ongoing until this Sunday!”

For the celebration of Kadayawan 2020, we made sure to participate in SM Lanang’s  Farmers Harvest. In here, many were able to satisfy your artisan cravings with our signature homegrown products and the abundant selection of goat and cow's milk cheeses by Malagos Farmhouse. While we did our best to let more people know about this, nothing beats a word by mouth. It is feedback and support like this one that we are once again reminded that there are still many of us who want to support our local farmers and produce. 

@RJ Panares says: “From pancit canton gaming to making this bomb ass pasta puttanesca topped with parmesan cheese and homemade ciabatta bread on the side good for 2 to 3 people. This is me peaking into adulthood I'm telling you.

  1. Okay maybe I cheated a little by using a kit– pero you know what let me just have this!

Have you heard of our pasta meal kit? Here’s one feedback from a very satisfied customer! Each of our meal kits contains pre-portioned ingredients for your pasta cravings. There are two choices to choose from: the Pomodoro and Puttanesca pasta. Either way, we are sure you’ll love them. 

@Patricia Nicole Aquino says: “If you’re craving pasta, you should defo try out malagos homegrown’s pasta diy kit!! Tried the Pomodoro yesterday and loved it.”

Here’s another feedback about our Pasta meal kit! This, we were told, is one authentic Italian pasta experience you don’t want to miss. So what are you waiting for? Grab one today. 

@ctkitchen says: “Celebrating my daughter's 2nd month and here's her cake 🎉👶🏻”




#rusticchocolatecake #chocolatecake #classicdesserts #homebakerph

It is equally important for us to know that through our products, we get to celebrate special occasions with you. We also now have DIY Baking Kits which just made baking even more fun and less messy. 

Thank you for your unending support. Be rest assured that we will continue to listen to each of your voices and we will never get tired of listening to them. So the next time you ask yourself “ where to buy online grocery and delivery near me” do make sure to check out the Malagos Homegrown Produce. We are making our way into being one of Davao’s best online grocery and delivery. And each of our efforts and improvements are all thanks to you.