Gardening 101 for Aspiring Plant Moms and Dads Out There

Davao Online Plants

According to many plant gurus, 2021 is the best year to grow plants. So if you are looking for an online plant and delivery in the area that delivers Davao Ornamental Plants, then the Malagos Homegrown Produce is exactly what you are looking for! To guide you through the process, here are some tips to note when having your own garden:

If your choice is to have fruit trees and shrubs in the area, January is the best time to buy seedlings from the nursery. But first, it is important to take note of the following:

  1. The type of soil in your garden and the temperature around the area; 
  2. Plant fruit bearing trees that are not that sensitive to rough weather since January is mostly a wet season in the Philippines. 
  3. Roots should be pliable, not too tangled and not circling the base of the plant, either.
  4. If you are choosing from a nursery, the ideal trees have low branches; ideal vines have several nodes (they look like joints); ideal shrub branches form a vase shape.

Once you’ve already chosen what you like the most, it is best to plant the seedlings on the day you brought them home with you. Dig the planting hole wide enough for roots to fit without bending, folding or crunching. Dig the hole deep enough to match the dirt line to the level of the soil and toss in some organic fertilizers. 

For ornamental plants, all native and nonnative drought-tolerant plants are best planted now since it is the cool season. Just make sure to plant the seedlings that will grow big on the south and west sides of your home for future shade. Be careful to keep the tree far enough from your house, the sidewalks, or any place that will induce a close contact with people. Water deeply when planting and make sure to keep the soil near the roots damp. Also remember to: leave leaves. Despite what your parents said, leaves in garden beds are good. Leaves from ornamental plants (not fruit trees) keep weeds from sprouting. They also recycle nutrients back into the plants. Rake pathways and patios but everywhere else, leave the leaves.

For a vegetable garden, remember to match the ultimate size of the tree to the space available. Don’t think you’ll keep it smaller by pruning. That is not a reasonable expectation (except for fruit trees). If you are planting near structures, sidewalks, or driveways, stick with trees that do not have a reputation for destructive roots or surface roots. Do your homework before you plant. Start small. A 5- or 15-gallon tree will grow faster and stronger than one in a larger container. Also remember to water consistently. Unless it rains, new trees, like all newly planted plants, need to be kept damp (not wet) through their first year or two in the ground. Then, cut back on water.

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