Getting Creative and Shopping Local for Father’s Day

Budget Meal Kit

If the pandemic didn’t stop us from celebrating Mother’s Day (and the other holidays that were humbly observed at home), then it sure won’t stop us from observing Father’s Day either.

The Father’s Day holiday is usually celebrated with family outings to brunch, or family get-togethers in homes—and of course accompanied with plenty of in-person hugs and kisses. But as the coronavirus pandemic leaves us with no option but to social distance and abide with long rosters of safety guidelines, we’ll have to postpone these traditions until who knows when.

But this doesn’t mean that Father’s Day has to be canceled this year. Whatever your situation is, there are plenty of opportunities to make this Father’s Day one he’ll always remember. Malagos Homegrown Produce is here to give a few examples of how families can show their appreciation and gratitude to daddy this year, in ways that are both safe and affordable.

Creative Celebrations

These are literally unusual times-one which we never dreamt of experiencing yet here we are- which means we have to stretch our mind beyond your usual way of thinking this year and think of creative ways of celebrating holidays and special occasions. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1) Consider gardening and cultivating house plants. 

What’s better than a bouquet of flowers? A potted flower or plant, of course! Malagos Homegrown Produce together with its sister company, Davao Thermo Biotech is giving an exclusive deal of gardening tools and basics that will help you and your dad get into some garden bonding. If your family is already riding the plant trend, then this one will definitely support your new found hobby and give delight to your dad. This is available for the entire month of June so you can take advantage of  it even after Father’s Day. The set of gardening basics retails for only PHP 999.

2) Kitchen “Masterchef” Cook-off

After months of eating everybody’s recipes and delicious meals, it’s time to settle who’s the masterchef once and for all. Have a mini-showdown in your kitchen and let your father decide which one has the best dish. If you’re a little competitive, stock up on some Malagos Homegrown Produce microwaveable gourmet meals or DIY meal kits and customize as you go. You’ll definitely surprise them how you whipped up an internationally-recognized meal or a pasta with authentic Italian flavors in no time. Celebrate Father’s Day 2020 DIY meals together with the entire family.

Malagos Homegrown Produce is also offering a Belly Delicious Package that will make everyone say, “Wala na, finish na” (That’s it. It’s done) and halt the entire competition. This package includes 3kg worth of Malagos Lechon Belly and a whole Malagos Chocolate Moist Cake that will surely keep everyone glued on their seats at the table. This retails for only PHP 3,499 - a value-for-money price for a premium package for the entire family.

Shop Local

If you’re opting to purchase something for dad, consider shopping local to help support your favorite small businesses near you. 

Don’t forget to look for your favorite local resort online and see how they’re coping up with the new normal. Just because they’ve had to close their doors temporarily doesn’t mean they are not looking for ways to serve you better – new normal way. Check out Malagos Homegrown Produce for fresh produce and some of the meals and products that you used to enjoy at Malagos Garden Resort. Aside from the classic gourmet gifts like single-origin Malagos Chocolates and artisanal Malagos Farmhouse’s cheeses, you can choose from a variety of practical options as presents like our new Backyard Mini-Burger Kit and Backyard Grill Party Pack. It will still be a fun holiday with these easy meals for Father's Day celebration.

We know that Father’s Day this year won’t look like it usually does, but the feelings can be just as strong. Instead of getting discouraged, we all have an opportunity to be creative and make holidays and family occasions more memorable during this time, and perhaps even more special, than they were in previous years. Stay tuned to know more about our irresistible father’s day packages here at Malagos Homegrown Produce