Growing and Expanding Horizons with MHP

Malagos Homegrown Produce

A new month. A step forward. A new kind of growth. 

At the start of this month, a shift to a Modified General Community Quarantine was announced. Due to this, more businesses were able to operate and more establishments re-opened. While more and more people flocked to public places, the number of positive coronavirus cases doubled by the day. 

The Malagos Homegrown Produce is familiar with growing through resilience. The last four months have been constantly growing and expanding our horizons. If you have been with us through this amazing journey, you’d know that we budded from offering fresh homegrown produce alone. We started with the need to stay afloat with our local farmers. Hand in hand, we made it through and as months passed, we have been growing by the day. 

From here, we have expanded our service and included our signature products: the Malagos Chocolates and Cheese. And because you deserve the convenience and comfort of gourmet dining, while being compliant with safety measures altogether, we have introduced meal kits – a pre-portioned easy to prepare meal ideal for recreating that restaurant dining experience you dearly miss.

For this month, the rise of plant craze in the Davao Barter community led to more people rekindling their passion for gardening. With this, we have stepped up and offered potted herbs and plants directly from the bountiful farms of Malagos. With these dainty herbs and plants, edible indoor gardens can be done by anybody. This service has been an absolute delight for us. It made us reminisce of the times when we shared Malagos Garden Resort with you. While we may not be able to open our doors in the meantime, we settle by giving you pieces of nature through our potted herbs and plants. With these comes our hope that one day, these will bloom and make a home out of your houses. 

Through this adversity, we understand that you still long for the calm. Something that will keep you in the moment and ease your mind from all this anxiety. This led to Malagos’  Baker’s Basket. Complete with a Malagos Chocolate DIY Cookies and Malagos Chocolate DIY Brownies, baking with Malagos can now be done in the comforts of your own home. 

We have also launched our crazy 7.7 sales. With this, we were able to give you a 7% discount on every product we had. The support you gave us on this sale has been overwhelming and we cannot be more thankful for your unending support. Rest assured that we will continue to grow and expand by the day in order to make sure we can give you a service you no less than deserved. 

They say that nostalgia is a memory of a memory and while this may be true, through the days, we will still do our best to bring back nostalgic tastes and memories of Malagos Garden to you. While we are at it, we will always be here to help you keep a healthy lifestyle at home as we bring you closer to farm-fresh finds and innovative goodness from the bountiful farms of Malagos.