Guilt-Free and Pandemic-Approved Homegrown Burger Kit

Malagos Farmhouse Cheese Burger King Meal Kit

Despite the restrictions being slowly eased, some restaurants are still not opening their doors for dine-ins and so most encourage their customers to opt for deliveries. Aside from satisfying the need for consumers to eat and supercharging their love for safe cooking, the food kits carry implications for the businesses that launch them. Malagos Homegrown Produce, for example, created hearty DIY meals as well as ready-to-heat/ microwaveable meals that featured pantry essentials and fresh produce from the Malagos farm. 

Malagos Homegrown Produce easy meals also allow their customers to recreate a restaurant-style dining experience for themselves and their families at home. As a result, the popularity of such kits is also assisting small-to-medium and beloved local businesses to stay afloat amid the crisis.

One of which is the all-new, all-time favorite burger kit.

We all love a good burger, who doesn’t? It’s one of those comfort foods that do not disappoint – ever! A great burger must have a perfectly-grilled and juicy patty with toasted buns and layers of fresh greens and herbs. We know how much you’re craving to take a bite just thinking about those layers of goodness. So Malagos Homegrown Produce is here to help you whip up your own farmhouse cheeseburger at the comfort of your own homes.

DIY burgers have become one of the top pandemic-friendly food kits. Whether launched specifically as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak or already in existence prior to the pandemic, “necessity” food kits or meal kits and healthy easy-to-eat meals have been on the rise as consumers make decisions whether they should make a trip to the grocery store, order online, or through one of the many food delivery apps. 

With fast-food restaurants closed around the country, people aren't able to go out and order familiar comforts but the Malagos Farmhouse Cheeseburger can now be recreated at home thanks to a new DIY kit. We created this kit together with our DIY kits like the pasta and pizza kit so that these signature and well-loved dishes can be prepared and enjoyed right at home. Customers can also delight in them “guilt-free” because the team has made sure that the ingredients are all-natural and are inappropriate servings. 

In the DIY Malagos Homegrown Farmhouse Cheeseburger Kit, there are most of the essentials for creating farm-to-table burgers, it includes our homemade beef burger patties, Malagos Cheese mix which are made from fresh and organic milk from our cows and goats, an array of assorted fresh vegetables, and freshly-baked Brioche burger buns. After purchasing a kit of your own burger you may choose to add your own twist to it by adding different toppings and sauces. A tip on preserving the quality of your meat and, ultimately, your burger, do not freeze the ingredients and enjoy the burgers shortly after delivery.

Take comfort in a Davao online meal kit from the Malagos Homegrown Produce. Aside from the burger kit, you can also enjoy other comfort foods like pizza and pasta. Of course, we added our homegrown twists to them as well so you can indulge without the guilt of gaining too much calories or bad fats.