Homegrown Choices for a Safer and Healthier You

Malagos Garden Resort Meal Kit

Many countries all over the world are trying their best to contain the spread of coronavirus. While most of us have different paces in how we are handling it, one thing is for sure: self quarantine is being practiced by most households. In the midst of all this chaos, we have to be very particular when it comes to our health. While staying at home keeps us safe, it is undeniable that important businesses have to be done outside our homes too. With this, it is essential to keep on strengthening our immune system. There are now many affordable meal kits in Davao, available in just a few clicks from your phone but how can you be sure that your food is properly and safely prepared? Here is one homegrown tip for you: make sure to buy from local shops near you.

It sounds unsettling, right? Why choose small local shops over big supermarkets that already have branches nationwide? The answer is simple: because local shops like us, the Malagos Homegrown Produce, only have one business and place to attend to, we tend to be more elaborate and careful in  preparing your food. From locally sourced ingredients and produce all the way to ensuring proper safety protocols, the familial relationship in one community means so much to local shops. There is great value in trust when it comes to small businesses. To make eating healthy and staying at home easier, here are some homegrown tips for you:

Make a plan and take only what you need. In the first half of the series of quarantines in the country, many were quick to buy in bulks of what they needed. While this may seem practical, it is important to note that it is not. Panic buying may very well lead to increase in food prices, over consumption of food, and unequal distribution of products that may tip off the retail industry as we know it. These days, it may sound tempting to buy as much as you can but first, consider what is still in your pantry and start from there. Let us help each other out, by buying what you only need from the meal plan you have made for the week, you can avoid food waste and allow others access to the food they may very well need. 

Take advantage of online grocery options. Home cooked meals can now be done in an easier and more convenient manner. Davao City now has a rather advanced delivery system for ingredients and easy cook meals. What is even better is that many businesses are starting to offer this kind of service today. The Malagos Homegrown Produce for example started from selling only fresh produce online. But as your needs grew and expanded, so have we. We now also offer meal kits for easier and healthier home cooked meals for you and the family without the need to go out of your houses for the ingredients you may be needing. 

Know what you are eating. These days, we have to take advantage of fresh ingredients. This way, we know where the food we are eating came from. For you to be able to have a good balanced meal for the day, there are five things to remember: limit salt intake, limit fat intake, be cautious of your sugar intake, consume enough fibre, and stay hydrated. 

On questions like where to buy  fresh vegetables online or where to buy meal kits near me, the Malagos Homegrown Produce, an online grocery and delivery in Davao City, is the way to go. With our pre-packed meal kits for easier gourmet dishes at home and our fresh homegrown produce