Homegrown Happenings: 5 Latest Feedbacks on MHP

Malagos Homegrown Produce

We are here to keep you safe. The Malagos Homegrown Produce is a Davao online grocery and delivery that offers convenient and safer homegrown products for you and your family. After months of operating, we are now  one of the most trusted online grocery stores in Davao. To know more about us and what we offer, we have rounded up five of the latest reviews on our services. 

@Ara Casas-Tumuran says that “Various homegrown kits are available. Check out their page The Malagos Homegrown Produce. Perfect for Sunday family bonding!!! Thank you, Malagos!”

Sunday, as what they say, is family day. What better way to spend this than with good food? The Malagos Homegrown Produce offers meal kits that are great for bonding moments with the kids. From the well loved pancake and donut meal kits, the hot and savory wonton noodle soup, and the samgyup craze, we have you covered. Prepare it with the kids and prepare to have a lot of fun and excitement in the kitchen. 

@Regina Evangelista says that “Got a bounty of Malagos farm-fresh produce today! Yep, I sure did get chocolates and cheese! You can now shop online and get these goods delivered to you. I’d come visit in a heartbeat if I can. :) Faster, easier, and definitely more seamless.”

We have farm fresh finds, Malagos chocolates, cheese and meal kits all for you. Craving for something sweet? Savory? Healthy? We have it in store.

@Liz Raniel says that “Hehehe. Hi, bye sweldo PSA: Lami kaayo ilang DIY Pizza !!!”

We have a lot of discounts and promos for you! On Wednesdays, we have Wildcard Wednesday promos. Watch out for our random products which are conveniently discounted for a thrift find. 

@Wenna Barcebal says that “So glad i learned about their online delivery since it saved me from going to mall to buy grocery. The staff was also friendly and  kind when i asked them if i can change my delivery address. Their fresh lettuce is my favorite

Great selection. Fresh food. Knowledgeable staff.

Here’s a homegrown trivia for you: our Lettuces are locally sourced from the bountiful land of Malagos. This is why each bunch for you is as crispy and fresh as can be. Aside from homegrown flavors all set for you, we also make sure that you have a service you no less than deserve. Each one of us are happy to be of service. 

@Joshua Mariano says that “best sukang sinamak I've had! Best paired with their lechon belly. Great selection. Fresh food. Knowledgeable staff. Convenient location.

Our sukang sinamak are proudly local. Made from various fresh herbs and spices, enjoy a kick of flavors in every bite with this Malagos favorite. As what Mr. Mariano said, it is, indeed best paired with our Lechon Belly and our crowd favorite siomai. A must try!

With this in mind, if you are wondering where to buy online grocery near me, the Malagos Homegrown Produce is one of the best go-to places for you. We have new offers and promos for this month! Watch out for our Homegrown Bundles and Subscription plans, it is cooking made even more fun and easier.