Homegrown Noche Buena Must Haves

The holidays are fast approaching and we can barely keep up with it. With the sudden rise of Coronavirus cases in the City, most of us are now more concerned with our family’s safety than what we’ll be preparing for the holidays. But you do not have to worry. There are now many Davao meal kits that you can easily buy online. With these, you can still have gourmet style dishes at home during the holidays. One online grocery and delivery that offers meal kits with homegrown ingredients is the Malagos Homegrown Produce. All of our ingredients are locally sourced from our local farmers. So whenever you purchase something from us, you support local through buying local. To know more about these meal kits, which are also noche buena must haves, we have rounded up a list for you to remember. 

Malagos Wonton Noodle Kit. Want a hot soup for a cold, Christmas night? Don’t settle for instant noodles alone. With this kit, you already have all the ingredients pre-packed and prepared for you. Simply blanch the noodles, boil water, put in the fried wonton, noodles, and the fresh bok choy. Season with our special Malagos seasoning, and serve. As easy as that and the entire family can now enjoy Christmas night and movies with a warm delight on hand. 

Malagos DIY Samgyupsal Kit. Satisfy your Korean cravings with our all new DIY samgyupsal. Complete with three Malagos signature sauces, kimchi, and farm fresh lettuce, it will be one family night to remember. Celebrate the holidays while grilling your very own well seasoned samgyupsal and pair it with a mocktail to complete the experience. 

Malagos Pancake Meal Kit. A classic Filipino snack  that will surely thrill the entire family. Enjoy this delight without the hassle of going to the grocery and looking for ingredients. With our meal kit, each ingredient is pre-packed and with the right measurements to make one fluffy pancake the kids will enjoy. Simply mix the ingredients together, cook on a hot pan, dash on with our hearty syrup and you are good to go. Perfect to serve on a Christmas morning when your palates just want something simple to go about with. 

Malagos Donut Meal Kit. Malagos Chocolate and donuts? A match made in heaven no doubt! Indulge in this goodness with our new Donut meal kit. With cooked donuts in the mix, Malagos chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, and white chocolate sauce, simply pour your preferred sauce on the donut, allow it to set, and serve to the family.  A great dessert after enjoying our very own Samgyupsal Kit. 

Rancher’s Sandwich Meal Kit. When you purchase the kit you get 2 pieces of sourdough bread, fresh lettuce, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese, pastrami, farmer’s ham, tomato, onion, and 1 small jar of herb butter. You just have to spread the herb butter on both sourdough breads. Put the 2 cheeses on both buttered sourdough breads and then toast until your cheese is all melted and gooey. Pull it out from the oven and assemble. Take a few pics for the gram and you’re done!

Farmhouse Cheeseburger Kit. This kit is perfect for a steak out with the entire family. The kit already includes a beef burger patty, the Malagos cheese mix, some assorted fresh veggies, and brioche burger buns. All ingredients included are homegrown and all-natural. Aside from that, the kit also comes in appropriate servings. It is good for two people so you can easily share it with someone else. This kit allows you to have one of your favorite comfort foods without feeling guilty about it. Spend Christmas in an intimate and fun way with the entire family. It will surely be one to remember. 

Malagos DIY Pizza Meal Kit. The Pizza Meal Kit comes in two variants: the Four Cheese Pizza and the Meat Lovers Pizza. For the cheese pizza, we have a nine inch pizza dough, 100g malagos cheese mix, and a set of fresh herbs. For the meat lovers pizza, we  offer a nine inch pizza dough, pomodoro sauce, 100g of malagos cheese mix, salami and pepperoni, and a pack of fresh herbs. Whether it is for a quiet Christmas dinner or an intimate get together with friends, this DIY Pizza Meal Kits available in Malagos Garden Resort will surely make you an instant chef! 

Farmer’s Salad Kit. The Farmers’s Kit is the best seller for everyone who wants to make eating healthy a little bit fun and a whole lot more delicious. With farm fresh produce and our signature chocolate vinaigrette, it is sure to make a lasting impression to anyone who indulge in it. Celebrate the holidays with this healthy dish and make sure to cap it off with a carrot and apple juice as well!

Grab these delectable treats and make your 2020 holiday staylebrations even more memorable. We have better deals and discounts coming your way this month! So make sure to sign up on our newsletter at https://malagoshomegrownproduce.com/ and be the first to know. What are you waiting for? Grab these treats today. Happy holidays!