How to Encourage Consumers to Shop Local

Davao Online Grocery

You’ve probably heard the term “shop local” more times than you care these past few months. Perhaps you know all about it or perhaps you’ve merely scratched the surface of its meaning but more than this, it is equally important to know its roots. The “shop local, support local” movement has been initiated to turn most of the consumers’ attention to all the local gems, delicacies, and stories small businesses offer to our community. Shopping local is the act of everyday consumers buying produce, clothing, and other day to day items but from local businesses instead of going to larger retail chains. 

The Malagos Homegrown Produce is a small local business that started when the series of quarantines were imposed in the City. For the months that we have been operating, we made our way into becoming one of the most trusted online grocery and delivery in the City. But our journey still continues every day.  And we are striving every day as much as you do too. For most of us small businesses, how can we encourage more people to engage in what we offer?

Show why you’re unique. The Malagos Homegrown Produce started with the initiative to support our local farmers. With the unexpected shut down of Davao Resorts, we had to think fast. Thus, we launched our online grocery that lets the consumers stay home and shop online. Most of where we budded from makes our brand and products unique. We believe that each business has a story to tell. And that story will make you who you are in the future.  

Highlight your community. Focus on your community and routinely support other local initiatives too. Through this, you create a link that connects you to the community. Know what they want and need. Grow and expand with them. We at Malagos make sure to provide our consumers’ a fun and more convenient way of enjoying what they need. Thus, we make sure to go the extra mile when giving our service. 

Frequently engage on social media. Use videos- lots of it. Before customers make a purchase, they usually do some research on the products they are interested in. Thus, it is important to make a buzz about your products. Highlight good reviews, show actual photos and videos of your products. Engage and entice the customers. 

Offer special discounts. Want to entice your customers to visit you in-store? Offer special discounts for in-store purchasing. A great way to get people in the door is to share a special offer, such as a coupon or discount code. You can do this by posting the offer on your social media channels and letting your customers know that they can show the post-in-store for a specified savings. This not only keeps them engaged on your social media, but also gets them through the door. The Malagos Homegrown Produce on the other hand makes sure to pour monthly discounts. From our 7-7 and 8-8 sale even all the way to our Sunday Savings, this is also our way of giving back to the community. 

Customer experience is vital. Making sure you have excellent customer service in-store is crucial, but having an easy-to-use website that draws customers in is equally important. Most customers will visit a website before going into the physical store, so a good first impression makes a measurable difference! Visit to know more about us. 

The world is changing fast and there are days that it can be hard to keep up. Despite this, we do what we can to be of service. So the next time you want to “shop online near me,” do make sure to check out small businesses near you. Visit the Malagos Homegrown Produce and we guarantee you a service you no less than deserving. Happy shopping!