In a Pandemic; Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

Stay Home and Shop Online

On July 1, 2020, it was announced that Davao City is now under the Modified General Community Quarantine. Despite this, an order by the IATF still requires the local government for strict action on localized community quarantine, zoning, strict enforcement of minimum health standards, scale-up health system capacity, isolation of overseas Filipinos, locally stranded individuals, and close contacts. In summary, we still need to be very careful. The shift in our quarantine level is merely provisional. This does not imply that it is already safe to go out of our houses and dwell with the public. This only means that after months of preparation, our local government is now prepared for the possible surge of cases. With more people allowed to go out, the spread of the virus is now accessible to a greater number. 

In a pandemic, safety is everyone’s responsibility. This is why strict rules and regulations are in effect. As much as we’d love to enjoy a quiet walk in the park or perhaps dining in our favorite restaurant, we must remember to always choose the safer choice. With the shifting of Davao City’s quarantine from GCQ to MGCQ we still cannot deny the fact that the Covid-19 threat level is now on red With this, here’s a list of how you can do your part in this fight:

Stay home, still. Perhaps you’ve already read this for the hundredth time since the lockdown started but this cannot be emphasized enough. Staying home is the safest choice in the midst of all this chaos. It will ensure that you and your family are safe at all costs. As tempting as the idea of going out of the house after months of staying in, we must resist it. We are fighting an unseen battle and being extra careful is necessary. We must only go out for absolutely important matters. Shopping and grocery runs can now be done via the web so we can stay home and shop online. With various Davao online grocery and delivery services, a Davao food delivery is no longer a hassle. In fact, more and more stores are shifting their gears online-- Malagos Homegrown Produce is one of these.

Social Distancing saves lives. As much as the idea of staying home at all cost is important, perhaps a necessary run for paying bills and work deadlines might come up. When this happens, it is important to keep a social distance. Maintain at least a 3-meter distance from the person next to you. The virus can be passed through droplets from sneezing and coughing. Being in a safe distance reduces our chance of getting the virus and thus, keeps us and our family safe. 

Stay Healthy. In order to boost our immune system, we must eat healthy. Fast food and cooked meals from our favorite restaurants may sound appealing but will this keep us on top of things? These days, a hearty, healthy, and home-cooked meal is just a tap away. With farm-fresh produce and meat, you can easily play with various ingredients that will make your family healthier, and with the burst of flavors the freshness of products offers, love you even more!

The only way we can get through this is together. With our initiatives, we at Malagos Homegrown Produce are widening the variety of products we have in store for you. From our homegrown produce for the added nutrients your family needs, fresh meat and fish, to luscious Malagos chocolates and cheese, all the way to hearty meals you can delight after a day of hard work, we have you covered. For today and the days to come, may you always choose to stay home, stay safe, and stay homegrown with Malagos Homegrown Produce