Innovative Meals with Malagos' New Vegetable Bundle Offers

Malagos Homegrown Produce

The Malagos Homegrown Produce is an online grocery and delivery that offers fresh, homegrown produce and signature Malagos products. With our wide variety of options, innovating your way in the kitchen can be done in an instant. Starting from our fresh, homegrown produce all the way to convenient meal kits, Malagos Homegrown Produce's new promo now includes our very own homegrown vegetable bundles. With three abundant choices to choose from, mix and match these delights to come up with the perfect meal for the family.

Malagos Classic Homegrown Bundles. If you want to keep it simple and tasty, you should definitely try this bundle. Enjoy Malagos Fresh Picks, Malagos Bounty, and Malagos Premium Cuts along with it. Here’s a fun tip with this one: spiralize! For the young ones and young at heart, you can make dishes more appetizing by spiralizing vegetables. With this, you can have your very own noodles made from farm fresh vegetables. This one can be used for anything from breakfast all the way to snacks. Who says being healthy has to be a bore? With Malagos, we make it even more fun. 

Malagos Signature Homegrown Bundles. Spice up every dish with the offers in this bundle! With this you can enjoy  Malagos Fresh Picks, Malagos Bounty, Malagos Premium Cuts, AND Homegrown Confectionary, and Malagos Gourmet. Here’s an innovative tip on this one: use Malagos spices to switch up flavors. Spices are the easiest way to make a dish more exciting. Spices can tie up all the flavors in the dish together. By changing one spice and nothing else in a dish, you’d be surprised with the refreshing flavors you and the family are in for. 

Malagos Premium Homegrown Bundles. For a more refined taste in every dish, this bundle is for you. With our Malagos Fresh Picks, Malagos Bounty, Malagos Premium Cuts, Homegrown Confectionary, Malagos Gourmet, AND Homegrown Flavor Feast, up your game in the kitchen and be that master chef you’ve always wanted to be. Here is a homegrown tip on this one: find recipes that make you excited to cook. In this bundle, you now have meal kits that have pre-portioned ingredients in every set, this will surely make preparing gourmet dishes faster and easier for everybody. With quality produce and products in your kitchen, you can never go wrong. 

A fresh product is an item that continues to deteriorate over time and causes its quality and value to diminish. This includes items such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meat. This market has been growing for years especially because more people are starting to appreciate the value of the farm to table movement along with its mental and health benefits. With this, many Davao online shopping new promos are budding. 

With all these choices laid down on us, the most important thing to consider is: making sure your orders are locally sourced. This will not only support local but will also help our farmers to get by. What are you waiting for? Grab these Malagos Homegrown Bundles for as low as Php. 599.00- starting price. Happy shopping!