Integrity and Service: 5 MHP Feedbacks of the Day

Favorrite Salad Kit

Time is indeed fleeting. It still feels like yesterday when the effect of the Coronavirus started reverberating across the world. One moment it is still March and we are still grasping each thinly-veiled changes going on in our everyday lives, the next, people are now raving on the upcoming “-ber” holidays. Despite all these, one thing is certain: we are not yet done with our fight against the virus. 

We are now nearing our sixth month on this fight and the number of cases in the country is still rising by the day. Many health and safety protocols may no longer be in effect but still proves to be vital these days. Now more than ever, safety is the priority. Many are still leaning on doing everything online, most especially getting groceries. With this, we are sharing with you five Malagos Homegrown Produce client feedbacks to assure you that during this time, we assure you of safety and a service you no less than deserved.

@Francis Hidalgo says: “Anniversary cheese plate from malagos farms!!!!! Opted to get cheese instead of flowers :)... sa panahon ngayon dapat practical tayo. Stay safe everyone!”


We could not agree more! These days, it pays to be more practical and mindful of our choices. But in more ways than one, it is absolutely humbling to know that despite all that is happening, you still choose to celebrate special moments with Malagos. It is little wins like this that reignites our passion to serve you better. 

@Pinggoy Kint says: “Fresh veggies. If you have a minute, check out this online store. I’m a member and thought you might be interested in what they’re offering. They are online at - let me know if you get anything!”

The Malagos Homegrown Produce is a Davao online grocery and delivery that is the best fit when you are thinking about “where to shop online near me.” Each of our fresh produce and products is available for same-day delivery anywhere in Davao! How convenient is that?

@Jo Gonedza says:” Bread + Cajeta ohh heaven

Brief but concise. This is how Ms. Jo humbly described the perfect snack combination for a rainy day! Sit back and enjoy the calming rain as you enjoy with this indulgent pair. Make each moment at home memorable and fun. 

@unadvisedtraveller says: “When in the Philippines 🇵🇭 don’t miss out on this award-winning @malagoschocolate 🍫 It’s a tree-to-bar fine chocolate made in the city of Davao, with an aim to put the Philippines on the chocolate map of the World!”

The Malagos Chocolate is made through the collective efforts of our local farmers. With this in mind, everytime you leave reviews and suggestions like this one, your actions are echoing and affecting more people than you really know. Thank you!

@RJ Panares says: “Yesterday's ayudas really had me emotional. More now when I made my own vegetable salad from scratch! (well actually from a pre-packed and pre-portioned Malagos farmer's salad meal kit but you know give me some credit naman haha) Been looking for Arugula in this bukid for a while and to finally have some is bliss. Also, the Honey Chocolate Vinaigrette is a bomb. Periodt.”

Most definitely one of our repeat customers and avid supporter, Ms. RJ has yet again tried our Farmer’s, Salad Kit. Complete with all the greens you like and an absolutely delightful dressing, it is one meal you and the family will surely enjoy.

The Malagos Garden Resort is yet to open our doors again. But the bounty of Malagos will always be here. So while you’re at it, enjoy the freshest produce and one of a kind Malagos signature products in one of the most trusted Davao online stores, the Malagos Homegrown Produce. Enjoy!