Introducing the Malagos Homegrown Subscription Plan

Malagos Bundle

Having your own meal plan here in Davao can be quite challenging. Let’s be honest. Not many are a fan of it. The thought of planning, preparing, and storing each one can be quite overwhelming. But in a grander view of things, meal planning is  actually quite simple. You only have to sit down and brainstorm for the menu and devote some hours to preparing everything you need. This is already for the entire week. With everything prepared and sorted, mix and matching along with innovating your way around the kitchen is the way to go. For this month, to make meal planning  even simpler, the Malagos Homegrown Produce is introducing our very own Malagos Homegrown Subscription plan. Simply choose from our Classic Homegrown Favorites, Signature Farm to Table Picks, and Premium Homegrown Flavors collections and enjoy these benefits. 

Customizable. Customize your plans with no fee. This is ideal for people who want to budget and prepare in no time. Each item is individually priced, like at a regular grocery store. All your choices can be customized to minimize waste of products you may not use, and your haul is delivered in a wooden crate you can use again. Choose what your palate wants for the week and add it to your cart! 

The wisest buying in bulk move for you. Some people overspend when buying in bulk because they buy things that they don't really need—and in large quantities! To be a successful bulk shopper, all it takes is a little planning. This move will help you save more in the long run. With everything you need on hand, whip up your favorite meals, dessert, and soup in the comforts of your own home.

Thrift discounts. Each of the products available in the bundle are conveniently discounted. So if you want to add more products in your order, there is absolutely no problem. Fresh produce, Malagos signature products, and quality clean cuts all available at a value for money and sulit prices. 

Guaranteed to eat seasonally. Eating seasonally is something we mostly do. But with you sourcing your meals directly from local farmers is an entirely different situation. This helps you see changes in veggies and fruits that show up over the months, and how this influences your choices on what to cook. This will also expand your cooking horizons as there will be a time when playing with flavors can help ease a tired soul. 

Convenient. One of the absolute conveniences of this one is getting your subscriptions right to your doorstep. The work from home season admittedly takes so much of your time. So knowing that you already have a pre planned and pre chosen fresh produce for the weeks to come is a peace of mind for you and the entire family.

If you are planning on having affordable food plans in Davao or wondering where to buy meal plans in Davao, loop in the Malagos Homegrown Produce and avail this latest offer. With these affordable fresh produce subscriptions, meal planning can be quite a breeze. What are you waiting for? Order up!