Kadayawan 2020: Celebrating Local Flavors at Home with Malagos

DIY meal kits of Malagos

If it weren’t for the onset of the pandemic, this month would have been one of the most colorful and celebrated months of the year in Davao City. The Kadayawan Festival-- an annual thanksgiving celebration done in Davao City for the bountiful harvest the City always has. This celebration roots down to our ancestors. Back in the day, the ethnic tribes of Davao City would come together to celebrate abundant crops, performing rituals that paid tribute to the nature gods. In the past, they used to display vegetables and fruits outside of their houses as a respect to the great year they had. 

These days, aside from all the activities made during this month, three of the most sought after huge events in the City are the floral float parade, indak-indak sa kadalanan, and the infamous annual search for the Hiyas ng Dabaw. But with the pandemic, all activities that require mass gathering must be cancelled. But Kadayawan 2020 does not have to be a bore! You can still celebrate at home. Despite the year not being one of the best, we must still be grateful we are here. Alive, breathing, and can still afford to get by. With this, why not celebrate local flavors and bounty at home too. While you’re at it, what better way to celebrate this month than with Malagos and our proudly local hearty meals?

Beef Caldereta with Malagos Cheese and US Garbanzos. Start the month right through indulging in this uniquely local delicacy. Made with creamy Malagos cheese and a US Dry Bean Council accredited dish, this rich scrumptious dish will surely be one of the best dishes to serve on this special occasion.

Farmhouse Cheese Burger Kit. No matter what we are celebrating, nothing is better than a steak out by the backyard, right? So celebrate Kadayawan with the family and make the most out of it with Malagos’ Cheese Burger Kit! We already have a proudly Malagos made Beef Burger Patty, Malagos Cheese Mix, Assorted Fresh Veggies, and a couple of Brioche Burger Buns for you. Simply grill the patties, assemble the burger the way you want to, and voila! A burst of local farm fresh flavors to celebrate with the family. 

Malagos Chocolate Humba with US Black Beans. Dig in with the family in this proudly Davao delicacy with a twist. A melt-in-your mouth Humba infused with savory indulgent Davao chocolate and US Black Beans, a US Dry Bean Council accredited dish too. This will surely be the favorite because of its rich, exquisite, and comforting taste. 

Pomodoro Pasta Kit. For busy people who still want to pause for a while and celebrate Kadayawan at home, a quick and simple Pomodoro Pasta is the key. The Malagos Homegrown Produce, the online store and delivery of Malagos Garden Resort’s produce and products have a pasta kit available complete with Pomodoro Sauce, Pasta, Ciabatta Bread, and a parmesan cheese. Enjoy this intimate meal with a candlelight and it will be one classy Kadayawan night to remember. 

Malagos DIY Brownie Kit. Cap off your mini Kadayawan celebration with desserts made from quality proudly local chocolates.Just prep, mix, and bake! It's now easy to make this delectable brownie treat for family and friends. Made even more special with our award-winning 72% Dark Chocolate.

Let Malagos still be a part of your Kadayawan celebrations through the Malagos Homegrown Produce, a Davao online grocery and delivery counterpart of the Malagos Garden Resort. Indulge and delight in our proudly Davao meals and rediscover the rich culture of our City reflected in each dish we have for you. Happy Kadayawan!