Local Acts and Small Steps Forward

Davao Online Grocery and Delivery

With business closures and in-person events cancelled, many local artists and shops who mostly relied on income from workshops, food, selling, and arts lost most of their income. These impacts were immediately felt. Albeit all these, we still look towards the possibility of learning together and helping each other out. This led to the support local, buy local campaign many have been pushing forward. One Davao online grocery and delivery that is staying true to this effort is the Malagos Homegrown Produce. For the past few months since we opened our doors to the public, we have been going the extra mile to make sure that our local farmers will have an online platform to sell fresh, homegrown produce to the public. 

In an effort to further strengthen this initiative, we have reached out to other local artists to re-echo our call: stay home, stay homegrown with the Malagos Homegrown Produce. Ms. Ara Casas Tumuran and Ms. Andrea Taylor are full time moms who are sharing their story to the public. From the kids’ formative years all the way to healthy meals you can easily make at home, they are an open book for everyone to learn from. A simple, everyday life of a mom- who wouldn’t be able to relate to that? For the past few days, they have been sharing some of our sulit deals like the Weekend QuarantWINS where you can enjoy 10% off on our homegrown offers on Saturdays and Php. 75.00 off on deliveries every Sunday. To make noche buena even better, we also have Homegrown bundles that have everything you need all in one box- fresh produce, Malagos signature delicacies, and quality cold meats. With three variants to choose from, make this holiday a one to remember. 

To top it off, there are far-reaching advantages to deciding to “shop local.” By supporting local businesses, you are in turn supporting your local economy; significantly more money stays in a community when purchases are made at locally owned businesses rather than internationally owned ones. In addition to helping build the local economy, it is also equally important to remember that by supporting local businesses, you are also helping out your neighbors. They care about and are invested in the well-being of your community and its future.

These days, most local businesses are uplifting each other. From local business and local artists working hand in hand all the way to promoting each of our products, it is only through the help of many that we can stand on our own.  So the next time you need to run out for some groceries or do a little shopping, seek out local businesses around you. Most of us have special offers for you and the family to enjoy. Malagos Homegrown Produce for one offers Davao fresh meal kits that will surely make gourmet cooking easier for everyone. With pre portioned ingredients and a simple instruction to follow, this season, be that master chef you’ve always wanted to be. For exciting offers this season, be sure to subscribe on our newsletter at https://malagoshomegrownproduce.com/ and be in the know!