Malagos' Homegrown Bakers Basket: Why it's Worth it

DIY Cokkie and Brownie Baking Kits

The #BakewithMalagos campaign has been going around  for quite some time now. We have seen many of you bake with us through your homemade desserts for different occasions. We have seen daughters bake for their mothers, bakers try their hands on elevated cheese and chocolate recipes, and mothers simply baking a good chocolatey snack for the kids. Whatever you choose to make in the kitchen, each story you share with us are ones that help us grow and value more the service we have for you. 

They say that the Filipino cuisine is the cuisine of sharing. We hold this close because as much as we want you to enjoy farm-fresh quality produce and products from Malagos, we also want to see more and more Filipinos sharing what is uniquely ours. With this, everyday we choose to expand our horizons and cater more and more of what will benefit you the most. One of these initiatives is our Baker’s Basket, complete with all you need for a scrumptious dessert feast, becoming a pastry chef for the day might just be a click away. Perhaps you still have your doubts because nothing beats baking from scratch, right? But here are a few reasons why baking kits are a must-try in your kitchen. 

Even beginners can whip-up great desserts for the family. With Malagos’s DIY Cookie and Brownie Baking Kits, you only have to follow three steps: Prep, Mix, and Bake! With detailed instructions and measurements for you to follow, whipping up desserts have never been this easy. Baking from scratch will require a more tedious process of measuring, mixing, and balancing of tastes. 

Fail proof. Baking kits are fail proof unless you try your best to do so. Especially with Malagos’ Baker’s Basket. Each baking kit has been carefully curated and measured to ensure that you not only have quality desserts on your table but also indulgent ones made extra better because of the chocolate chunks made from our award winning 65% Dark Chocolate. With quality ingredients right on your fingertips, you can never go wrong. Unlike baking from scratch in which you have absolute control of the outcome: to put it simply, you can easily mess up any dessert without even trying. The lack of a certain ingredient or improper measuring may cost you that much awaited dessert for the kids. 

You can assure consistency in every batch. Baking Kits assures consistency in every aspect of what you are baking-- the taste, appearance, size, all the way to the texture is something that you can already anticipate. No more wishing around the kitchen that the second batch will be as chewy as the first. With baking kits, consistency is something you can be assured of. 

Easy to play with. Because of the consistency baking kits offer, once you have already got the hang of preparing the base, it will be easier to play with the ingredients. Pair it up with your favorite nuts or play with the taste and add some more chocolates to the mix, your creativity is the only limit you’d have in preparing one dessert to remember. 

Baking can now be made with lesser effort and lesser time but definitely more fun and more tasty through Malagos’ Davao baking supplies!  Make you inner-baker come alive with the Malagos Homegrown Produce, your trusted online grocery and delivery in Davao. Enjoy!