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Malagos Homegrown Produce

The Malagos Homegrown Produce has been always clear with our goal: your safety is our priority. This is the reason why we are innovating and growing our products by the day. You deserve a service that has your convenience in mind. While all these changes can be quite overwhelming, we draw strength from people who support us along the way. For today, we are sharing five client feedbacks that shows how the Malagos Homegrown Produce is making its way into becoming one of the best online grocery and delivery in Davao City:

  • Ms. Corda  posted: I also want to thank The Malagos Homegrown Produce. It was my first time ordering veggies online and believe me, I didn’t know I ordered too much (I’m learning, I’m learning.) Soo I called them in panic because when it was delivered, I had a HUGE pumpkin! Hahaha. Thankfully, the person who spoke with me, was a happy person. She understood my sentiments and laughed with me as I laughed at my gazillion orders. They offered to reimburse and pick up the pumpkin. But hubby just decided to keep it and give it away later on. They’re kind, patient, happy, and understanding. So thank you I honestly felt important as you tried to make things easier for me, and laughed with me for having such a huge pumpkin for two people. Hahaha.

We find joy in helping you as much as we can. When we reached out to Ms. Corda, she also added that: “Rate is 5 I was really happy with how your staff handled the call. They were really accommodating when I had an issue with my order. Which was the huge pumpkin haha. So thanks again! ” We have nothing but a service you no less than deserve. This is why as much as we can, we go the extra mile to be of help. 

Our chocolates, we were told, adds magic to everything and anything. While we wholeheartedly believe this, it still makes quite an impact to hear more and more people getting charmed by it. Ms. Redge is right, we gotta love our own products! Locally made by our local farmers, we have nothing but indulgence in store for you. 


While we love to hear your experiences with us, we absolutely love seeing your videos and pictures. The Malagos Homegrown Produce introduced Meal Kits in order to make sure you can recreate those nostalgic tastes brought to you by high class restaurants. No more wishing you can have quality and affordable food, simply head on to our page and we have you covered. 

  • @elleiram2012:Its a Chocolate Cake with #Malagos Dark Chocolate Ganache weekend! I like buttercream frosting but I wanted to do something different on this despedida weekend. It's my first time to make #ganache and 😩 it was runny because I was afraid it was becoming thick so fast, so I kept on adding milk, sus ayan tuloy! But the saving grace there is the taste! I've been coming to @davaocity regularly for work since 2012 and since i am more of a cheese person i've been buying a lot of it from @malagosfarmhouse but the Malagos chocolates, I buy only for pasalubong but, boy, oh boy, this is the first time i tried using @malagoschocolate 65% dark for the ganache and damn, it is soooo good and my mom loved it too (malamang, because she insisted on having the first slice even if I am not yet done frosting!) Haaay now i miss #davaocity even more!!! 😍😍😍 #malagoschocolate #malagoscheese #weekendhabit Oh, by the way, the ganache, i will try to fix it next time...😂

It humbles us to be a part of your memories and bonding moments with the family. While this pandemic has pushed most of us to an extent, we are happy to see more and more people growing and learning new things with our products each day. 

  • Ms. De Guzman: If you can only pair one drink with your cheese board, its cider. Promise. Let’s face it, we know who does it best in town.

Camembert and washed rind cheese by the Malagos Garden Resort Davao

Danish Blue by Grand ‘Or

Black Forest Honey

Roasted Cashews 

Caramelized Onion and Apple Chutney by yours truly. 

Cheese makes everything better-- even a bad day! While cheese making is a lost art in our country, the Malagos Farmhouse brought it back to us. The intricately long process is nothing compared to the joy it gives us knowing you think of us as the best. 

The Malagos Homegrown Produce is still striving by the day. While most already calls us as your trusted online grocery in Davao City, we still make sure to learn more each day. Do always keep safe and stay home, stay homegrown with the Malagos Homegrown Produce.