New Homegrown Flavors of the Month

Davao Meal Kits

The Malagos Homegrown Produce is no stranger to innovation. We have budded from it. Ever since we started, your safety has always been our priority. Each of our offers and services are carefully curated with nothing but your comfort and convenience in mind. 

For the month of September, from our 9-9 sale which many of you enjoyed 9% off on most of our homegrown items all the way to the teasers of our new homegrown flavors for October, your support has been overwhelming. To cap it off, we are starting this month with new and exciting additions to our meal kits offer. 

Asian Meal Kits. Have you ever wondered why in most cook books, Asian cooking instructions never indicate its good for 1-2 servings alone? The answer is simple, the asian cuisine is the cuisine of sharing. With hearty meals like ours, each dish is better enjoyed with a group of loved ones around. The Malagos Homegrown Produce is introducing two asian meals great for the rainy monsoon days. 

Malagos Wonton Noodle Kit. Want a hot soup for a cold, rainy night? Don’t settle for instant noodles alone. With this kit, you already have all the ingredients pre-packed and prepared for you. Simply blanch the noodles, boil water, put in the fried wonton, noodles, and the fresh bok choy. Season with our special Malagos seasoning, and serve. As easy as that and the entire family can now enjoy rainy nights and movies with a warm delight on hand. 

Malagos DIY Samgyupsal Kit. Satisfy your Korean cravings with our all new DIY samgyupsal. Complete with three Malagos signature sauces, kimchi, and farm fresh lettuce, it will be one family night to remember. 

Alas Tres Sugar Rush Kits. Snacks are important especially to children since childhood is a critical time for growth and development. During the week, this means that children need to have snacks mid-morning and mid-afternoon to ensure they have enough energy to last through the day. We have recently launched our DIY Cookie and Brownie set, and again, we have so much more in store for you. We have two additional snack choices for you to choose from:

Malagos Pancake Meal Kit. A classic Filipino merienda that will surely thrill the entire family. Enjoy this delight without the hassle of going to the grocery and looking for ingredients. With our meal kit, each ingredient is pre-packed and with the right measurements to make one fluffy pancake the kids will enjoy. Simply mix the ingredients together, cook on a hot pan, and dash on with our hearty syrup and you are good to go. 

Malagos Donut Meal Kit. Malagos Chocolate and donuts? A match made in heaven no doubt! Indulge in this goodness with our new Donut meal kit. With cooked donuts in the mix, Malagos chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, and white chocolate sauce, simply pour your preferred sauce on the donut, allow it to set, and serve to the family. 

These new scrumptious flavors will surely keep you wanting more! From gourmet pizzas, signature Malagos sugar rush treats, all the way to asian fusion of flavors, grab these homegrown treats and make the most out of your weekend bonding with the  family. So add to cart now, and dig in!