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Malagos Homegrown Produce Meal Kit

Perhaps you have only started getting the hang of working at home, being with the kids, and making sure they eat on time all while keeping up with deadlines for work. Just when you thought you can survive through this pandemic after all, another shift is once again coming our way. The start of online classes is just around the corner. Although there is still no certain date when it will resume, one thing is for sure: with coronavirus claiming more and more lives by the day, face-to-face classes still cannot be done. With all the changes happening due to the onset of the pandemic, most days it can be hard to keep up. Today of all days, we have to be wise about the way we adapt. The world is changing by the day and we have to adapt, fast. 

Meal planning has been around for quite some time now. It is mostly known for people who follow a strict diet. But it is not solely limited to them. Meal planning is simply, as the name suggests, the act of taking some time to plan any number of your meals for the week. Plan to cook for the entire week, plan to mix home cooking and ordering out, or simply planning lunch or dinner alone, can already be done. In today’s fast paced environment, meal planning is a crucial option. It will not only be efficient but will also make sure that you and your family are healthy. To help you get started, here are some Malagos meal kits for you to enjoy:

Pasta Meal Kit. Simply choose between our Pomodoro and Puttanesca pasta and you’ll have everything you need in no time. For Pomodoro pasta, we already have pre-portioned pomodoro sauce, pasta, Ciabatta bread, and parmesan cheese. Simply cook the pasta in boiling water, heat the sauce in a pan and mix the pasta, top with parmesan cheese, toast the bread and voila! A quick and easy lunch for the family. You no longer have to spend too much for take outs. With our homegrown ingredients, each peso spent will be absolutely worth it. 

Farmhouse Cheeseburger Kit. For a playful and more fun lunch that the kids will surely look forward to. For this meal kit, we already have the Malagos Beef Burger Patty, Malagos cheese mix, assorted fresh homegrown vegetables, and brioche burger buns. Let the scrumptious aroma of grilled burger buns fuel your kids’ drive to learn more! With their favorite cheeseburger as lunch or snacks, it will surely be something they will definitely look forward to. 

Rancher’s Sandwich Kit. For a hearty snack, make sure to include this to your meal plan. With this kit, you already have sourdough bread, fresh lettuce, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese, pastrami, farmer’s ham, tomato, onion, and Malagos’ signature herb butter. Simply assemble the ingredients together and you already have one irresistible snack that will surely keep the kids happy. 

Malagos DIY Cookie and Brownie Baking Kit. The Malagos Homegrown Produce has just recently released these additions to our services. In just three steps: prep, mix , and bake, you already have indulgent brownies and cookies made from our internationally awarded Malagos chocolate! With quality ingredients as base, you can never go wrong when baking with us. 

If you are already thinking on where to buy meal kits in Davao, make sure to add the Malagos Homegrown Produce to your list. With our wide array of meal kits and now baking kits in Davao, meal planning has never been this easy. Simply head onto our website and plan the week ahead. We promise it will be worth it!