Quarantine-Approved Holiday Experience at Home

Stay at Home Family Dinner
Labor Day is here and it will be another holiday that will be observed in Quarantine. *Cue cinematic emotional music. We know how much you long to celebrate this holiday at the beach, in the woods or exploring a new city. But this year, we celebrate different. We celebrate face to face with what we call, the new normal. 

The “new normal” – that’s how our situation right now is being dubbed. In simple terms, it means staying at home, working from home (unless you are a frontliner or an essential service provider), staying healthy, keeping a safe distance from another human being, and wearing protective masks every time you’re outdoors. As we gradually acclimatize to this foreign normalcy, there are holidays and festivities that we now learn to observe in a whole new creative way. The general rules have been set and no one is exempted.

It’s not all bad, it’s just new. We are compelled to innovate celebratory activities which may be different, but are equally meaningful. This year, as we observe Labor Day Philippines and all other events in quarantine, how about preparing a restaurant-esque meal for our modern day heroes? After all, our mothers, fathers and siblings who work tirelessly can definitely use a healthy feast with the rest of the family.
Elevate Your Home-y Dining Experience
Every time a craving comes up, you can’t help but remember that good ol’ Sunday dinner you’ve had with your loved ones at your favorite restaurant. The meals and memories that you’ve shared with them will always have a dear place in your heart and in your tummy. There’s nothing like a pleasant meal that reminds you of better days. 

But just because most restaurants are now operating in limited hours, doesn’t mean you can’t give in to those cravings. You can try recreating or elevating your dishes at home with a wide selection of groceries available online. There are plenty of healthy Davao online products that will surely add a restaurant touch to your dishes. 

Some of these products, like the award-winning tree-to-bar Malagos Chocolates and the artisanal Malagos Cheese, are available online at the Malagos Homegrown Produce These products are perfect when paired with locally-grown vegetables and fruits, which are also fresh harvests from the farms of Malagos. The secret as to why their flavors work well with each other is because research shows that when you cook with fresh ingredients that are of single-origin, you get that perfect harmony and balance of flavors in your meal. Our restaurants at Malagos Garden Resort is one of the top farm-to-table food destinations in Davao. The coalescence of flavors is mainly due to the fact that raw materials in our dishes are freshly harvested from the single area or farm. 

Malagos Flowers
You can also replicate your restaurant dining experience more by adding a touch of nature to your dining table. You can do this by simply putting in a vase of flowers. These flowers were used as an added ornament at our restaurants, spa, and villas in the resort to amplify a warm ambient atmosphere shared over good conversations. Now, despite the quarantine measures, having a vibrant gathering of blooms delivered to your homes can be easy-peasy – thanks to Malagos Homegrown Produce. And as an exclusive treat, our Chrysanthemum and Gerberas from Waling Davao are priced at 50% off from April 24-30.

As we observe important occasions in quarantine, let Malagos Homegrown Produce bring you what you need them still feel as memorable. Like and follow us on our Facebook Page for more upcoming selections that will surely elevate your humble celebrations at home. Keep safe and continue sharing healthy meals and happiness with your family during this time.