QuarantWINS with the Malagos Homegrown Produce

The Malagos Homegrown Produce is an online grocery store that offers high quality products with your safety and convenience in mind. There are three things that the City Government of Davao always reminds us to do: stay home, save lives, and save money. With this in mind, we are more inherently drawn towards ways where we can save and shop safely. The rising cases of coronavirus in the City compels us to have more disciplined actions in the midst of all the chaos. To support this endeavor, the Malagos Homegrown Produce released three exciting offers for this month:

Wild Card Wednesdays. Watch out every Wednesday because we have some scrumptious offers coming your way. Take a much needed breather in the middle of the week and enjoy up to 10% discounts on some of our wildcard choices. From the Malagos signature products, DIY meal kits, all the way to our premium cold cuts selection, feast in our one of a kind homegrown offers and whip up comforting food for the rest of the week. The Malagos Homegrown Produce is one of the few online stores in Davao that offers same-day delivery. We make sure that you have everything you need in a heartbeat. 

Saturday Spotlight. The Malagos Homegrown Produce is offering up to 10% discounts on homegrown products every Saturday. Buying in bulk has never been this easy and cheap.  So make sure to have your meal plan list ready for the weekend. Meal planning is the simple act of sitting down and taking the time to plan any number of your family’s meals for the week. The most important thing here is for you to be able to know what lies ahead for the week. With a list to follow, you simply have to order every ingredient you need. You no longer have to get out and have a quick run at the grocery for things you don’t have. 

Sunday Savings.  The Malagos Homegrown Produce already introduced Sunday Savings last August and we are bringing it back! With this offer, you can grab the freshest homegrown produce, premium fish and meat selections, hearty meal kits, and our signature Malagos Cheese and Chocolate. Start your week right with Malagos Homegrown Produce's Sunday Savings and enjoy up to 35% off on delivery rates on Sundays. Not only that, ordering in bulk can actually help you save in the long run. With a healthy meal plan all laid out for the family, over indulging in sweets you can simply order online will be limited. With everything you need within reach, you can simply innovate healthy snacks at home.

A service with a heart, the Malagos Homegrown Produce is brewing even more exciting offers for the holiday. So make sure to check out malagoshomegrownproduce.com for your everyday cravings. We have what you need, exactly when you need it. Happy shopping!