Rainy Day Gardening with Malagos

Malagos Garden Resort Plants

Admit it. For the past few days, you are either part of the growing plant parents community or you are one of the few who are amazed by how diligent these plant parents are. From transferring each plant from one pot to another all the way to buying varieties from different places, their enthusiasm just makes you feel so alive. 

The Malagos Homegrown Produce recently rolled out the first batch of our potted ornamental plants. Since then, many of you opted to shop for your plants online. However, as we all know, the “-ber” months are now starting. This roughly means, the rainy season is also here. To make sure your plants survive, here are five tips on how to give extra care to your outdoor plants during this season:

Always check the dampness of the soil. Checking the dampness of the soil during the season is an integral part in telling if we still need to water our plants. This can be done by thrusting a finger into the soil and feeling the texture. If it is damp, then no watering is required. One of the many reasons why we are so into gardening these days is the fact that it makes us indeed, one with nature. 

Replenish nutrients in the soil. Rain tends to wash away nutrients in the soil. According to Archie Modequillo, a Freeman Lifestyle writer, “organic fertilizer or compost shall be added to replenish the lost nutrients in the soil. The fertilizer shall be applied at the sides of the plant’s base, where the tips of their leaves or crown extend to. The soil shall be loosened first before applying fertilizer, especially if the soil has hardened after being water soaked for an extended period of time.” One you should definitely try is Malagos’ Enrich potting mix, a 4-in-1 mix of garden soil with all-natural components and biofertilizer. 

Build your own temporary irrigation system. Not all gardens are built the same. Yours may be built on a higher landscape while the others are on a slope, the possibilities are endless. To make sure each survives, tap on your creativity and build your very own makeshift drain. The intent is to not make the garden turn into a water catchment area every time it rains. 

Give extra attention to water-sensitive plants. Plants like the rosemary and aloe vera are sensitive to too much water. During the rainy season, it is best to keep them under a shade or indoors where they can still get the same amount of sunlight. Most water-sensitive plants have roots that are very sensitive to moisture thus, too much water will kill the plant.

Make sure to leave gaps in each plant. With this, you can make sure that the soil will be exposed to sunlight and will help it dry quicker. The last thing you want after a rainy day is a surge of fungi or other weeds to grow on the surface of the soil. 

These are some of the key reminders you need to keep at heart when caring for your garden during rainy days. If you are looking up where to buy indoor plants in Davao, you will surely love what Malagos has to offer. We now have indoor plants available in Davao fresh from the luscious gardens of Malagos!

Grow yours today. Simply head on to the Malagos Homegrown Produce, a Davao online grocery, look for the  Plant section, order what you need,  and you’ll have these delivered in no time. Happy gardening!