Salad and Sandwich: The Perfect Combo for Weight Loss

DIY meal kit

Three months after a series of lockdowns, the world is slowly shifting to a new type of normalcy.  More people can now go out of their houses, more establishments are open again, and most of us can now physically report to the office at least once or twice a week. With all the stress and fear we’ve been through these past few months, it is very easy for us to fall back to “stress eating.” Thus, admittedly, a lot of us have to shake off the extra calories or high cholesterol level after all the splurge in food deliveries.

Eating well does not mean your diet should only consist of dull and bland food. Even carbs have a place for a nutritious diet! The key here is to eat the right food. This is where ready to eat products come in.

Various Davao Meal Kits are for sale to help you gain back that optimal weight. With their ensemble of fresh and nutritious ingredients, and easy-to-follow preparation instructions, meal kits help you lay out a plan of what to eat for the day. Replacing a heavy lunch for example, with a healthy salad is a great way to tone down your calorie intake. Couple it with a good, hearty sandwich, and you are good to go. 

Malagos Homegrown Produce Meal Kits  is one of the few choices locally. Our roster includes a healthy sandwich kit and a tasty salad kit. These are treats that will leave you satisfied while giving your body the protein and nutrients it needs to survive the day. 

The Malagos Homegrown Salad Kit Contains fresh produce like lettuce, arugula, tomato, onion, cucumber, bell pepper, and our infamous chocolate vinaigrette. With our turnaround time within 24 hours from farm to market, it is guaranteed that the crisp and freshness of each  produce is still served to this kit.

A great time to munch on this healthy kit is before a good, hearty meal. Cristina Hoyt, an integrative clinical nutritionist, states that “from a clinical nutrition standpoint and knowing what we know about the mechanisms necessary for optimal digestion, it makes sense to consume the more easily digestible foods first because as we eat we turn on our digestive enzymes, bile production, and stomach acid which aid with breaking down our food and absorbing nutrients. Turning on our system first, would help with the digestion of more complex foods such as protein.” This simply means that in order to ensure a good balance in your meal, make sure to eat the green salad first. This will help your body absorb more greens and vitamins before it digests protein for energy.

After eating a salad, the best way to cap it off is a hearty homegrown sandwich which is also available at the Malagos Homegrown Produce. Dubbed as the Rancher’s Sandwich DIY hearty meal kit, it contains homemade sourdough bread, fresh lettuce, mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese, pastrami, farmers ham, tomato, onion, and Malagos’ very own herbed butter. It’s definitely not your ordinary sandwich because instead of using wheat or white bread, the kit has a sourdough bread to compliment the cheese and other flavors from the ingredients. Sourdough bread also contains lesser carbs and is a healthy alternative too. This dish is both healthy and delicious.

Since combining exercise and healthy eating is the best strategy to lose weight, it’s important to remember how important greens and carbs are after that workout regimen. Most nutrition experts recommend that consuming a ratio of three parts carbs to one part protein and greens adequately fuel recovery after exercise. This means a healthy salad coupled with a tasty sandwich is the perfect post-workout food for you.

Hurry and grab these meal kits at Malagos Homegrown Produce. With new products coming our way, you get no less than what you deserve.