Samgyup Craze: Is it Worth it?

Davao Samgyup

Filipinos are known for our complex tastes. We love exploring new and interesting flavors that tailor-fits our wants. This is why when Samgyeopsal made its way to the country, along with all the craze on Korean dramas, it was and still is, a big hit. Samgyeopsal is a korean grilled pork-belly that you cook on your own. A fun fact on this one is: samgyeopsal literally means “three-layer-flesh” in Korean. This is because of the fat, lean meat, fat layer each meat has. 

The Samgyeopsal “fever” is all over the country. Even with the onset of the pandemic, more and more are now buying a samgyeopsal grill. Most are posting on their social media accounts enjoying a Samgyup meal at least twice or thrice a week. Despite this being a popular trend these days, is it worth it?

A study published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research found a strong relationship between diets that contained a higher amount of grilled and fried meat intake and prostate cancer. The study also found, however, that prostate cancer is less common among those who consume a diet that consists of more plant foods including cereals, soy products, and fruit and vegetables. A review published in Mutation Research found that overall the intake of meat cooked by grilling increased the risk of colorectal and stomach cancers. Frying (which also produces HCAs) was also found to be positively correlated with lung cancer in nonsmokers. While Samgyupsal can be quite the treat, having one on a regular basis will cost us our health. Meat paired with lettuce may have its own health benefits but too much is not good. 

With the amount of money we spend for Samgyup nights, we do have better and healthier options on hand. Meal Kits and vegetable bundles can do the trick. Just like samgyupsal, these ones you also cook yourself but with the following edge:

Offers a wider scope of choices. Unlike samgyupsal that only offers various meat and side dishes, anything at the top of your head is available through meal kits. With pre-portioned ingredients all completely packed, cooking can be quite a breeze. From burger steak out, pizza night with the barkada, or a fresh salad for a healthy meal, meal kit is the way to go. 

It is healthier. Vegetable bundles like chopsuey and pinakbet bundles can be quite fun. With various ingredients readily available, making any dish healthy and tasty for the family can be done in an instant. 

Practical. Having meal kits and vegetable bundles over an all-meat buffet is wiser. This will also be cheaper in the long run because meal kits can be stored for quite a time when we need it.

More fun. With more choices, meal kits and vegetable bundles can be quite exciting! These are perfect for a bonding time with the family. Whether you want to make your DIY pizza, have a burger eating contest, or just a fun grilling session in the backyard, meal kits can be quite the deal. 

More than the hype, in times like this, we have to be careful. The Malagos Homegrown Produce offers both meal kits and vegetable bundles in our store. We are an online grocery and delivery platform and you can always buy fresh vegetables in Davao with us. With our roots deeply intertwined with that of our local farmers’, we assure you of a service and produce you no less than deserve. Not only that, you can also support local by buying local fresh vegetables  through us! Stay home, stay homegrown