Self Care through Gardening

Davao Online Plants

Research has shown that spending time in our garden is good for our bodies and minds. The rise of the garden craze may look like it came out of nowhere but if you look at it closely, it is one of the few self-care habits we acquired these days. Various indoor plants in Davao can now be found and bought online. In fact,  in an effort to keep you safe at home, the Malagos Homegrown Produce recently released our first batch of potted indoor and outdoor ornamental plants. Still having second thoughts on this one? Here are other benefits of gardening for a clearer and brighter head space for the months to come:

  1. Practicing acceptance. Most of the things that pains us along the way is our liability to accept certain favors that are not coming our way. The more we accept the fact that there are things not under our control, the more calming and serene our lives can be. Professional gardener Joe Lamp'l, creator of joe gardener® states that gardening simply means that “preparing the best environment you can possibly make for your plants, and allowing nature to take it from there. Your garden (like your life) is in bigger hands than yours.” In gardening, just like in everything else, there will always be setbacks that you did not see coming. The most important thing to remember is to continuously adapt and accept. 
  2. Developing the growth mindset. It is easy to assume that growing your own garden should only be done by people who have the “green thumb.” The inability to garden perfectly is actually one of the things you can overcome. With the growth mindset, we take value in the fact that we are always learning.  When something doesn't work out the way we had hoped, we view it as a learning opportunity rather than as a "failure."
  3. Gardening is a great stress reliever. Gardening is relaxing. Watching your plants grow and your home becoming greener as the days pass by. On top of it being relaxing, gardening is also a place where our efforts result in a real sense of achievement, boosting confidence, and self-esteem. So if you are looking for Davao garden plants available, make sure to check out the Malagos Homegrown Produce. 
  4. Rerooting and regrounding. According to Dee Marques, a Social Science expert “gardening fosters a sense of grounding, as it helps us reconnect with our roots as human beings. People who get involved in gardening often experience a deeper sense of belonging and connection with nature. This is no small feat: think about how disconnected the majority of people are from something as basic as the origin of the food they eat.” When we grow our own food just like herbs, it gives us a sense of rerooting not only with nature but also to ourselves and the others. With gardening, it is easier for us to reach out and connect with other people who do it too. 

Have you ever paused for a while, took the time off for yourself, and gave yourself that much needed “me” time? Try gardening and begin searching where to buy Davao online plants today. While you are at it, make sure to enjoy the wide choices the Malagos Homegrown Produce has to offer! From dainty, small plants to a lustful outdoor ornamental plants, embrace a greener home today.