Small Acts for the Small Ones

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The onset of the pandemic introduced a whole new kind of world to us. Across the globe, people are coming to terms with physical distancing, quarantines, and closure of various establishments. While we are all struggling to keep up, have you ever wondered how the kids are coping up? It can be easy to fall into a sense of complacency with all the loosening health and safety protocols these days. But for Moms and Dads out there, it is still equally important to stay home. 

Address children’s fears. The little ones depend on their parents for a sense of comfort, safety, and security. Reassure them that you are there for them. Talk to them about any frightening news they hear. It is okay to tell them that people are getting sick but also emphasize that following some rules like constantly washing of hands and staying at home will keep the family healthy. With this, it will be the kids’ conscious decision to be extra careful. 

Embody what you say. Kids more often than not believe every word that Mom and Dad says. In a time like this, it is even more important to stay true to your words. Once you already told your kids that the family will be safe by staying home, social distancing, and constantly disinfecting, you should stand by it. This will set an example on the brevity of the situation and will make the kids realize that everyone should do their part to be safe. Remember, mimicry is the first language of children. 

Plan a routine together. Try to establish a routine that you and the kids will both enjoy. Prepare a meal together, bake together, make your own little garden together, the list goes on. This will help both of you keep your worries at bay. This is also a great bonding moment for the family. 

Keep in touch with loved ones. Children may also worry about a grandparent who is living far away or an uncle they really like with an increased chances of catching the virus. Video calls can help ease the anxiety. 

Use positive discipline. As per Healthy Children.Org from the American Academy of Pediatrics, “during the pandemic, it is more important than ever to maintain bedtime and other routines. They create a sense of order to the day that offers reassurance in a very uncertain time. All children, including teens, benefit from routines that are predictable yet flexible enough to meet individual needs.” So make sure that the kids have an avenue to steam off their frustrations and fears. Give them space to one their creativity, acknowledge good behaviours and address the bad ones, and know when not to respond. 

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