Start the Week Right with Healthy Meal Planning

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The Philippine National Nutrition Council unveiled the 46th Nutrition Month campaign: “Batang Pinoy SANA TALL… I was stunting, SAMA ALL!” for this year. They said that its goal is to promote awareness and mobilize actions when it comes to stunting in our country. Stunting or pagkabansot in Filipino, is the impaired growth and development experienced by children due to poor nutrition, repeated infection and inadequate psychosocial stimulation. Stunting can lead to low educational performance, lost productivity, increased risk of developing non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and even death. 

The Philippines is one of the 10 countries with the most stunted children in the world.  Currently, 1 in 3 or 30% of Filipino children 0-59 months old are stunted with stunting highest among 12-23 months at 36.6% (2018 ENNS, DOST-FNRI).  The high prevalence of stunting continues due to the limited scale by which nutrition and related services and programs have been delivered.  This is backed up by the fact that many Filipinos believe that stunting is hereditary and not an illness.

With this in mind, along with the health risks brought about by the pandemic, it is important to make sure that our family, especially the kids, are well protected. One sure way to do this is through meal planning. With meal planning, you can plan your meals ahead of time, giving you ample time to think about a set of meals that are both healthy and beneficial to your family’s needs. To top it off, here are three more reasons why meal planning is the wisest decision you’ll have today:

Time. Have you noticed how time flies by when you are cooking? Now that almost all of us are staying at home, somebody has to cook three times a day.  Thinking about what meal to serve next can be exhausting. Most of the time, unknowingly, we spend most of our day thinking about what dish to serve next to the family. Identify where you need a time-saver, and plan your meals to save yourself the time you need. Pick your busy days, and make those meals the most simple or prepared ahead to help you later.

Meal planning will also help you reduce grocery trips. If you plan your meals ahead, you can make sure to buy all the ingredients you need in one go.

Money. When you plan ahead and cook your own meals, you are saving more money than ordering the same thing to a restaurant. A simple chicken with vegetable dish will cost you more than it really does because you will be paying for the service and the delivery on top of the dish itself. While cooking one yourself will only need the ingredients and since it's been pre-planned, everything is already prepared for you!

Health. This is the most important factor in meal planning. In order to prevent stunting and the possibility of catching the virus, a balanced and healthy diet is a must. With all the dishes for the week laid out, you can make sure to choose which protein is good for these vitamins in a set of dishes. It will also help you have more control over your choices and since meal plans also include pre-portioned meals, you will be sure to eat just the right amount of food you need to go through the day.

Meal planning may sound intimidating but it is most definitely not. You can literally plan anything and you have the choice to make the dishes as flexible as you want them to be. In the midst of this chaos, we should be more cautious. Weekends are the best grocery days. But why sacrifice one stress-free day with the burden of grocery trips, right? Make every Sunday a memorable meal prep day without exhausting your energy in grocery runs! Online grocery and delivery will make it easy for you. So instead, make sure to get a trusted online Davao grocery. If you are looking for one, the Malagos Homegrown Produce makes sure that your online groceries will be delivered right to your doorstep. With fresh, homegrown products, make those meal kits one that can very well compete with any restaurants in Davao. Head on to Malagos Homegrown Produce and start the week with healthy meal planning on Sundays.