Stay Home, Stay Homegrown: 5 MHP Feedback for the Week

Malagos Homegrown Produce

The Malagos Homegrown Produce is an
online grocery and delivery committed to keeping you safely at home. In the midst of the pandemic, we grow with your needs. From fresh homegrown produce, Malagos signature products, Davao meal kits, all the way to the plant craze going on, we have been diligent in keeping up with what you need. For today, we are sharing with you five customer feedbacks for the kind of service we have for you. 

@ Ms. Desiree Maglanoc Cabiles says that: Kanang lami kaayo! DIY Rancher's Sandwich from The Malagos Homegrown Produce #feelingchef #whatdiet

Our meal kits are made from nothing but the freshest and top quality produce. With pre-packed ingredients in every box, each dish you make will be one gourmet meal the family will surely love. For this month, we have also released our new set of meal kits! A Wonton Noodle meal kit best for rainy days, a DIY Samgyup meal kit, and the breakfast favorites: Donut and Pancake meal kit. With more to choose from, be that gourmet chef you’ve always wanted to be at home. 

@M Delights Baked Treats says that: Rest assured that our Keto Brownies and Chocolate Burnt Cheesecake are indeed sugar-free and low carb. We use Malagos Premium Unsweetened Chocolate for that balanced chocolate taste without any hidden sugars. For more details, check out our photos and IG highlights for the macros and ingredients of our keto baked treats. #ketocavite #ketolifestyle #ketoph #ketobrowniesph #ketocheesecakeph #cavitebased

One thing that really inspires us are people who go the extra mile to support the plight of others. Whatever journey you may be treading, from a healthier you all the way to a better lifestyle, each of our products and produce are yours for the taking. 

@Liz Raniel says that: The produce was all very fresh! I loved their lettuce and Bok Choy so much. Friendly staff, fast delivery

The luscious farm of Malagos coupled with our extremely hardworking farmers are the ones responsible for what we offer to your doorsteps. So the next time you order from us, know that whatever it is, it means a lot for us. 

@gordo.eats says that: Champorado with crispy dulong for lunch. Stopped counting how many days/ weeks since this stay at home confinement started but I’m starting to get tired of eating my own cooking and leftovers! Made some comfort food that I haven’t had in years and hits the spot! Used #malagoschocolate for this champorado #chicagoeats #filipinofood #homecooking #chicago #homemade #filipinofoodmovement #filipinofoodlove #foodinfluencerph #savorfilipino #champorado #chocolate #stickyrice #pinoyfood #sarap #food #foodporn #foodphotography #foodie #foodpics #foodstagram #eatingfortheinsta #thefeedfeed #nomnomnom #yummy #bonappetit @filipinofoodlove @filipinofoodmovement @foodinfluencerph @bonappetitmag @eater @saveurmag @huffposttaste @eater @foodnetwork @malagoschocolate #gingerscrispygarlicdulong @gingerscrispygarlictuyo\

The cold monsoon is here. Why not stay cozy at home with a bowl of your favorite champorado made even more luscious and creamy with Malagos chocolates? The rain and this one is indeed, a match made in heaven. 

@David Alcazaren says that: The wife loved their vegetables. I loved the sandwich meal kit. Good deal.

You know what they say, “happy wife, happy life.” Make the entire family happy with our farm fresh homegrown goods readily available anywhere in Davao. Simply head onto our website, order what you need, and we’ll deliver it in no time. 

It humbles us to be one of your trusted online stores and groceries in Davao. Rest assured that as the months pass by, we will always be here, urging you to stay safe, stay home, and stay homegrown.