Stay Safe, Stay Home in the Midst of Coronavirus Rising Cases

Stay Home Stay Homegrown

The City Government of Davao City released last July 18, 2020 the list of very high risks and high risks areas in the City. This included Brgy. 23-C, Agdao Proper, and Leon Garcia under very high risks and Brgy. 20-B, 28-C, Baliok, Bucana, Buhangin Proper, Daliao, Maa, Mandug, Matina Crossing, Mintal, Sasa, and Tacunan under high risk areas. There were also high risk areas tagged due to their close proximity to very high risk barangays like Brgy. 15-B, 26-C, and Tomas Monteverde. The instruction of the City government is clear: do not go to these areas unless it is for work, business, or for an emergency. 

Days before July 15, 2020, Davao City was shaken with the announcement that the IATF recommended for the City to revert back to a General Community Quarantine. This was right after at least ten or more cases per day were recorded in the City alone. This however did not materialize because Davao City filed for an appeal which has been granted by the IATF. Despite this, the threat of the virus in the City is still evident. In fact, everyday, the number of cases has been constantly leaning on two digits rather than the single ones we had during the lockdowns. Why is this happening? 

It cannot be denied that most of us have gone to a complete sense of complacency when the quarantine status shifted. More people went to the malls, dine-ins are now permitted, most establishments are now open, these days it is very easy to think that we have it all figured out. With more people going outside, the chances of the virus making a home out of hundreds of people is getting bigger by the day. This is why despite everything that is happening, it is still important to follow rules and regulations set up by the government to keep us safe. 

Always wear masks. Wearing masks reduces our chances of getting the virus since it is usually transmitted through coughing and sneezing. With masks, the droplets caused by these will be filtered and thus, cannot contaminate. This is  protection to ourselves in as much as it is a protection to others. 

Follow the quarantine pass coding. This ensures that the swarm of people will be regulated in malls and other public areas. With this rule in effect, it ensures that the people will not go out of their houses for unnecessary trips and will prevent the surge of  coronavirus cases in our City. 

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These days, it pays to be vigilant and extra safe. In as much as we want to go outside and go back to the normalcy we were accustomed to, we should not lower our guards. The virus is still around and we can be very well its next victim. This is why as much as possible, we have to stay home and shop online through an online grocery and delivery. While you’re at it, make sure to check out the Malagos Homegrown Produce online store and support our local farmers through buying local. Again, these days, do stay home, stay homegrown, and stay safe!